Favorite Finds – 5/28/2011

Here are MY favorite finds from around the web

Crafts I’d like to try:

  • Something with these ruffles
  • I have a secret dream to learn how to decorate cookies, if I ever attempt it, I’m sure I’ll need to know how to make my own cookie cutters
  • The Design Mom never ceases to amaze and this balloon banner is something I MUST recreate
  • Not sure if these would be considered a recipe or a craft, but being that my hubby is from Australia, I think these koala cupcakes will hold a place in our future [Note: It drives Simon bonkers when people say “koala bear” because it is technically just “koala,” with no bear whatsoever; “tuna fish” also drives him nuts and when I say “I itched ______” when I should have said “scratched.” He makes me laugh.]


Recipes I’d like to try:


Things I’d like to buy:

  • Apparently nothing… I’m either content or in denial (I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count)

Posts I liked and I’ll tell you why…

  • A reminder that God is a perfect planner (He has prepared my heart in advance for the pain of the now.)
  • Things that make me happy, and not because Heidi lists this blog as one of those things but because it makes me so happy to hear about my friends being happy (oh the happiness)
  • Schmutzie’s post on bravery, an excerpt:

I want to tell you something: our experiences with fear and overcoming fear are valuable. Someone else might drive ambulances through war zones for a living, but you are not them. You are you, and it took every ounce of courage you had to ride that roller coaster last summer, and you are more powerful in every other aspect of your life now that you know you have what it takes to overcome your fears.

New to me blogs:

  • Much like Bakerella, the Sugar Sweet Belle amazes me and makes me wish I had 1/8 her talent – she’s amazing with a sugar cookie!
  • The Curvy Girl Guide is from a slew of authors who write with wit and honesty, and happen to be curvy.
  • Oh Amanda hosts Top Ten Tuesday but she is so much more than that!

All images borrowed from the above-linked sites.

Looking for other favorite finds? Look no further, they are here.


6 responses to “Favorite Finds – 5/28/2011

  1. I always knew you’d be a good blogger, and I was right. And you’re fast. I can’t keep up! 🙂 I can remember just sitting and looking at you and thinking what a great blog was inside waiting to get out. So glad to be reading it!

    • Glad you like reading – I love writing it… I’ve got five years worth of stored up blog inspiration (shows you how deep my procrastination runs).

  2. That is very interesting about tuna fish! I had never noticed that before. It sounds so odd to say “tuna sandwich” doesn’t it? I don’t think I can embrace that one — too stuck in my ways!

  3. craftaholicsanon

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad you like my ruffles on my tote bag 🙂
    happy crafting!

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