Thoughts on a Thursday

  • It was 90 degrees on Tuesday, after work I made chili [I also order iced coffee throughout the winter]
  • Tuesday night I also slept happily in my icebox bedroom because my husband *finally* installed our window A/C
  • We have a window A/C unit because we have an old house with only one vent going upstairs and no air return – even with central air, the upstairs is a bit stifling and I am a delicate flower who likes to sleep in the cold.
  • I may have threatened my husband with bodily harm if he didn’t put the unit in ASAP (if I’m being honest, I might have actually threatened to withhold something if he didn’t put the A/C in – ahem)
  • I like to get my kids to perform their “tricks” for others so we can all enjoy the fun. Recent favorites include: Jack doing his “Bieber shake” with his hair; getting both of them to sing “Skiddamarinky dinky dink” because they cannot help but put their hands on their hips and bend their knees up and down because that’s how Liam learned it for his spring sing at preschool; getting them to talk about Kung Fu Panda because they, a) say it wrong [Jack: Kung/Pung Po Panda], b) it leads to them singing “everybody was kung fu fighting, nuah-nuah” which is just cute
  • I’ve gotten Liam excited about sleeping in his clothes (if they aren’t dirty from being outside) rather than pajamas which really just helps me cut down on fighting with him to get his pajamas on. He hasn’t yet realized it means he goes to bed sooner because he’s not wasting time with getting ready for bed.
  • Jack got a few swigs of Summer Shandy this weekend by swiping people’s almost empty bottles and tipping them up to drain them, completely unthwarted by the taste. My friend, Amy, noted on FB that he’ll be a great frat boy someday, I have no doubt.
  • I love our bi-weekly Sunday night dates – this week we had dinner at Red Ball Jet (delicious) and saw Hangover II, which I liked, though it’s nothing really new from the first one so don’t go expecting to be blown away, just to laugh at the same stuff.
  • The boys get haircuts later today – anyone have a tranquilizer I could slip to Jack? He doesn’t freak out so much as just not sit still and he’s surprisingly strong for his size.
  • Today is my mom’s birthday – happy birthday to you and sorry I talked about your grandson drinking beer on your birthday.
  • Unrelated to any of the above (except the beer swigging and Bieber hair), a photo of Jack from Saturday that I just love:


One response to “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. LOVE the pic of Jack!

    With-holding for AC?!?! Go girl…it worked!

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