Random Thoughts

It makes me laugh to title this post “random thoughts” because really, that’s the entirety of this blog – my random thoughts. But just the same, this list is just stream of consciousness…

  • The z-pac is working its magic and I was able to breathe through my nose today – it is a glorious thing
  • Now I just need my head to stop hurting when I lay down or bend over (I’m assuming you can get sinus pressure in the back of your head? Add that to the list of things I’ve Googled.)
  • My kids were overly maniacal at the grocery store today and then I realized when I got in the car that it was nearly 6 and they hadn’t had dinner yet. Whoops.
  • But we didn’t make it to the grocery store because Jack actually took a nap on MY watch today (usually he wakes up the minute I get home from work so I never get to experience the joy of naptime, especially lately as he seems to think he is too good for napping on the weekend – NOTE TO JACK: you are NOT too good for napping and I will remember this when you are teenager, believe me, I will remember!)
  • I relented and bathed the children this evening – they laughed hysterically at me pouring water on their backs from a couple of feet in the air, it made the effort worthwhile (that and getting to cuddle my burrito babies in the towels post-bath)
  • I seem to have developed insomnia – it takes me forever to fall asleep and I wake up multiple times in the night and have difficulty falling back asleep. This has been happening quite often for the past month or so and I assure you, nothing is on my mind, I just cannot sleep like I used to. This makes me so sad because I LOVE sleep. I was a marathon sleeper in college (who wasn’t, really?) and now, if I sleep past 7:30/8 on a Saturday (if my husband is feeling nice and turns off the monitor before he goes downstairs) it’s a small miracle. Just sad.
  • I’m super excited about Simon’s father’s day gift (it’s definitely the best I’ve ever done, though I don’t have a whole lot to live up to – I’m not the best father’s day gift giver I think because I’ve been perpetually tired since our children came along and made us parents so I fail at planning ahead but despite the insomnia, I’ve got it together this year). Can’t wait to fill you in!
  • I’m super excited to be having coffee tomorrow night with my friend, Tracey, an evening out of the house with a good girlfriend, might do me more good than the z-pac. Isn’t it funny that despite how good life is, women can always use a little face-time with a friend.
  • Jonna and her family leave in three days for Africa – I’m praying for peace, safe travels and God’s hand to guide them.
  • I can’t get this story out of my mind and I don’t know what to do about that other than pray for the people of Sudan – both the innocent and the unjust.
  • And so as not to leave you with a deep, depressing thought… I’ll share with you the number seven – that’s the number of times I had to tell my son to stop “adjusting” himself while we were at Meijer. (Sorry to my future 15-year-old son who might ever be reading this but you are/were that kid.)
  • And in case that didn’t do it for you, here’s this photo of my beloved and Liam from three years ago:


3 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Forget waiting until a mid-life crisis! Isn’t an all-inclusive on our radar for our 40th b-days? Just sayin’…You may just not have to wait…Although, there’s always a chance the mid-life crisis could come before you turn 40 🙂

    I’ve been thinking a lot about that article on Sudan too. What those people forced the children to do is just so unbelievable, so unfathomable!

    So impressed you’re so on the ball for Father’s Day! I do not usually excel in this department either, but I’m thinking about a Kindle or Nook for Drew this year.

    • Oh yes – I’m planning on the 40th… just saying I wouldn’t pick her option for my mid-life crisis. I’m hoping midlife is about 55 😉

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this….wouldn’t mind if you’d somehow secretly share your father’s day idea…I’m at a loss for what to do this year….Feel better soon!

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