Things I’m Scared Of…

  1. Squirrels – my brother used to tell me they would jump out of trees and bite me (at least this is how I recollect it)
  2. Bats – I was woken up a few times to my dad chasing one in my home when I was growing up and once to one swooping me in my downtown apartment in an old house
  3. Icebergs – though I have never seen one in person the sheer size of them underneath the water freaks me out
  4. Anything else in the water that is larger than my thumb – from king prawns to sharks, no thank you
  5. Something poking me in the eye – though I do wear contacts and have no problem putting them in and taking them out
  6. My kids getting hit by a car (in general, my kids getting badly hurt, but getting hit by a car is one of those things that I can visualize from watching too many episodes of Law & Order and other procedural dramas)
  7. Being stuck in a car where the brakes aren’t working
  8. People popping up in a window I’m looking out of (at night)
  9. Truly hurting someone else’s feelings
  10. Giving my children unhappy memories from their childhood
  11. Bees and wasps – I’ve never been stung and never want to be
  12. Canned cheese sauce and strawberry gel in a plastic bag
  13. My boys marrying women who don’t love their mother-in-law
  14. Passing gas in a business meeting

What about you?


9 responses to “Things I’m Scared Of…

  1. Not being able to breathe. I could never ever scuba dive. I even get panicky watching people on tv who are struggling to breathe or under water. And Joel thinks it’s hilarious to tell the kids to pinch my nose because for some reason- despite the fact that I can obviously still breathe out of my mouth- I start getting panicky because I feel like I can’t breathe. Weird, right? 🙂 And I don’t even have any recollection of a traumatic childhood experience or anything that could help explain it!

    • Scuba diving freaks me out because of the things in the water – someone tried to tell me it’s so different when you’re under water with them because you can see so clearly and see them coming at you – I would have a heart attack before they even got close, I’m quite certain!

  2. I am scared of my parents dying. Morbid, I know, but if I let my mind start going there, I feel like I am going to have a panic attack, so I imagine that when it really happens, I might possibly have a nervous breakdown. I am also afraid that one of us is going to get bit by a poisonous snake or spider and not know exactly what bit us, so we won’t be able to get the anti venom to save us.

  3. Your #8 made me cry, I was laughing so hard – just the visual of it all. Thanks for sharing these, I’ll do my best to avoid putting you in any of these situations!

    • The popping up in the window thing actually happened to me one time this past year and the look of sheer horror on my face made my friend who did the popping up just die laughing. At least I lived through it! It has been a life long fear, who knows why.

  4. #14. Been there. Blamed it on my boss.

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