Favorite Finds – 06/11/11

Here are MY favorite finds from around the web

Crafts I’d like to try:

Recipes I’d like to try:

Things I’d like to buy:

  • This great reminder print from etsy
  • Aveda mascara (strangely named mosscara) recommended by the wonderful Pioneer Woman
  • Liam has never been the kid that likes doing art projects but in his two days at his new daycare, he’s come home with multiple projects each day – it’s amazing! I think he likes that they just have supplies out and don’t tell him what to make which means something like this craft center might be in order
  • A big canvas print (if only I could decide on the right photo; spied via Pioneer Woman)


Posts I liked and I’ll tell you why…

Giveaways you should enter

New to me blogs:

All images borrowed from the above-linked sites.

Looking for other favorite finds? Look no further, they are here.


2 responses to “Favorite Finds – 06/11/11

  1. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Glad you liked my little matchboxes!
    happy crafting!

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