Just awesomeness

Liam from Christmas 2008 – in a moment of pure awesome!

There are moments in parenting when you just think: this is pretty great, THIS is why I became a parent. [And, yes, there are moments that are just the opposite, like when both your children start shrieking in the grocery store for no apparent reason and you have to cover their mouths while whisper-yelling at them to be quiet or you will eat their free cookie. Or so I’ve heard.] But, back to those moments of pure awesome… I’d like to note a few of those here so someday my kids can read them and know that I was paying attention and that I think they are pretty neat.

  • Liam’s got a new dance move where he stands with his feet together, firmly grounded and arms straight down but then wiggles his body from hips to shoulders back and forth. It’s very stoned at Lollapalooza-esque in its execution and I love it. It’s especially wonderful when he’s also singing “Down by the Water” by The Decemberists.
  • Liam made a mess this past weekend and I told him he would have to vacuum it up and he was so excited to use the vacuum and thanked me for letting him use it when he was done. No problem, kid. I think I have found a new game, it’s called, “Let’s Clean the House.”
  • Jack is talking just as much as his brother ever did and is starting to reveal the same sense of humor and sensitivity to others that his brother has always held. For example, when Liam yells at me or slams his bedroom door on his way to timeout, Jack will turn to me and ask, “You okay, mommy?” Melt my heart.
  • Jack came up to me today with his face and hands covered in brown mush. I immediately thought he had smeared poop on himself (he’s been reaching down the back of his diaper on a daily basis lately) and jumped into action to get him cleaned up. While on his way to the sink, he licked his face and said, “It okay, mommy, I ‘licious.” It was chocolate from a cookie that I had completely forgotten I had given him only a few minutes before, such is my life that I would assume it was poop first.
  • The boys and I planted basil and some morning glories this evening and they were the best helpers and then they spent the next 20 minutes watering our new plants and the rest of the garden.
  • We also made the first batch of strawberry freezer jam and the boys stuffed themselves with fresh-picked Michigan strawberries leaving their chins red and sticky. One of my favorite things about summer was picking strawberries with my mom and eating as many and as much as I wanted of the delicious fruit, I’m glad to give them those same memories (minus the actual strawberry-picking because I cannot imagine tackling that with a 2.5 and almost-5-year-old).
  • Liam made up a song today about our dog, George, and going shopping which was loosely sung to the tune of Old McDonald. I wish I could remember more of it, but it was hilarious.
  • Jack, like his brother before him, most often wakes up cheerful and happy to see us. It’s my favorite thing to go in his room and hear either, “I all done s’eeping.” or “Come here” (this he says while lifting his arms up and he means, “Pick me up” but that’s what we say when we pick him up is, “Come here” so that’s what he thinks it means. Love.

They are little things but they are awesome just the same.


6 responses to “Just awesomeness

  1. One of my most favorite posts ever. Love your boys! “mommy, you ok?” Oh…I melted!

  2. First of all, awww- so sweet! But second of all, I can’t stop giggling about covering mouths and whisper yelling and threatening to eat cookies… Not that I can relate or anything. But if I COULD, I’d probably just be glad I’m not the only mom out there doing that… 🙂

    • The other best thing about the whisper-yell is that when I’m finished I smile sweetly to anyone around us like there was absolutely nothing going on just seconds ago.

  3. I, myself, haver NEVER eaten my sons free cookie. But I am SO going to the next time I am in need of a discipline at the market. lol
    This list totally ruled and made my mommy heart all mushy gooey. I am totes going to do a list like this. GREAT idea.

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