Things I Love Thursday: Serendipity

serendipity: a talent for making fortunate
discoveries while searching for other things

This post came across my feed reader yesterday morning and it left me fondly remembering the one time I’ve had Vosges Chocolates. I received a box of their exotic truffles (shown above) as a gift from the realtor who sold me my house. That was nearly eight years ago. I’ve thought about those chocolates for eight years but haven’t had any since. They are still the best chocolates I’ve ever eaten and I’m glad I never knew about them when I lived in Chicago (where they have their flagship store and kitchen). But eight years is a long time to think about chocolate, right?

Anywho… happy memories.

But wait, there’s more… later in the morning I opened up the back door to my office that leads to the shared bathroom we have with our landlord and there was a box at the door (they get our packages that come in the late afternoon when I’m at home with the kids). My business partner regularly gets packages delivered to the office so I figured it was for her. But my name was on the package and the return address said VOSGES. As in, VOSGES CHOCOLATE. What the what?!

I had recently referred some business to a local book editor and, as a thank you, she sent me a gift tower of chocolate: exotic caramels, caramel toffee AND nine exotic truffles. I’m still a little awed by the timing of it all (and secretly wishing I had read a post about winning the lottery or selling my house without listing it).

But my goodness, who doesn’t love a little serendipity? And chocolate. [Dear husband, I promise to share. Also, chocolate received as a gift contains negative calories, right?]

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15 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Serendipity

  1. That is SUCH A COOL STORY!!!!!!!! And now I really want to taste one! 🙂 I’m all caught up on your blog now. You are doing so great! I also regret that you didn’t start sooner…it’s just so perfect for you. Love you!!!

    • I think you can sometimes find chocolate bars at specialty stores, but the truffles are amazing… someday we’ll have to share a box 🙂

  2. Awesome! And, yes…negative calories!

  3. I am pretty sure it is serendipitous (or at least not coincidence) that I will be in your home today

  4. Oh…my…goodness – Those look AMAZING! Love the story – Bet this totally made your day!

  5. That’s so super awesome I can’t stand it. Now, do I get to charge you one truffle for commission? Ha! 😉

  6. Okay… I know you’ve left comments on my blog before but this was the first one where I could track back and find your blog.

    They sell Vosges chocolate bars everywhere now. I’ve been them sold in World Market. They make a chocolate bacon one!

    • Have you tried the chocolate bacon one? I’d be curious to know if the bars were as good as the truffles. There is an anise/dark chocolate one that I would drive to Chicago to get.

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