Happy Father’s Day…

For some reason I don’t have the reserves I need to make it through the week, as of right now I’m wiped out and it’s not quite midweek (technically it’s Tuesday night when I’m writing this). I’ve been dragging all day but hopefully a good night’s sleep will do the trick… or a giant cup of coffee (Starbucks’ Venti Iced Americano with Toffee Nut syrup, please – not for the faint of heart since it is four shots of espresso).

Father’s Day was packed… everyone was up early, the boys gave Simon his gifts (they made cards at daycare, plus the aforementioned DMB Caravan tickets) and I made cinnamon rolls. Then off to church, a quick stop at my office and lunch at Red Robin (yummm). Then we picked up two more kids for the rest of the day (babysitting in exchange for their watching our kids for our last date night). I don’t know that I can imagine having four children under five but it sure does make time go faster and I was super productive because they kept each other entertained, so it’s not too bad. I managed to make a batch of cheesecake bars,  do the dishes and empty the dishwasher while Simon was outside mowing the lawn (happy father’s day, sweetie) making myself more productive than when I have just my two kids.

The later afternoon was filled with fun outside, though the kids never really ran through the sprinkler, they just wanted to have it on for ambiance. They were happy climbing (the two-step) slide and flying into the pool, giving George drinks of water, running around the yard and chalking the sidewalk/house/deck.  Really, what more can you want in life?

Like father, like son.


You know it’s a good day when the pullups getting loaded with water… Ellery kept telling me, “It’s not pee, it’s just water!”

They really had a great time… sadly, I didn’t get any pictures after their parents came over and we were able to enjoy dinner on the deck, complete with adult conversation. The kids occupied themselves with a rousing game of tackle soccer, which (of course) ended in tears.

All-in-all, I’d say it was a great Father’s Day… hopefully my husband would agree.

As a parting gift, this was how we found Jack sleeping last night – arms and legs flung out to the world. That’s a sure sign of a confident person. His face was slightly more peaceful but the flash made him squint but not wake up (parenting win, or lose, depending on how you see it).


2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day…

  1. Great pictures and sounds like a fabulous day! Love the jack man sleeping. Wasn’t he just a tiny baby?! He looks huge!

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