Five Question Friday

And once again we are at the end of the week. Phew… are we already at mid-July? Guess I’d better get my soon-to-be five year old’s birthday planned (I at least booked the venue – bowling, FTW!).

It’s been a strange week, one I’m glad to have over. Here are the highlights:

  • Work, work and more work
  • Oldest child freak out while going on normal walk – complete with crocodile tears and refusal to walk one more step [Resolution: He walked many more steps once he realized I was ignoring him and not stopping.]
  • Youngest child freak out while checking out at Costco – complete with alternating between limp body and flailing limbs resulting in smoothie being poured all over the floor and then no one would get behind us in line. Awesome.
  • Service Engine Soon light on in Explorer so it is next door at the mechanics getting checked out – this will be the sixth time it’s been in the shop since January (though more than half of those were to fix problems stemming from SIMON sliding on ice and running off the highway in into the overpass – he was fine so I can hold a grudge, it’s in our vows)
  • Finally decided that random, lingering nausea (NOT pregnant, not even in the least) was not normal so booked doctor’s appointment where she determined that best case scenario, I have an ulcer. Super. I find this amusing. Blood tests and other testing will commence and we will figure it out. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Did get to see a movie with two friends this week – that was such a nice treat. We saw Water For Elephants – it was better than the book and made me appreciate the fact that Robert Pattinson can act, it’s just that everyone in Twilight is brought down by Kristin Stewart.
  • Yesterday Jack did this, thankfully it was on Simon’s watch so I did not have to refold all those clothes. Also resisting the urge to rearrange his drawers after Simon put everything away (yes, I’m a control freak, why do you ask?)

And on to our regularly scheduled programming…

Five Question Friday
1. If you knew your best friend’s spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?
I had to think about it from my perspective and whether I’d want my best friend to tell me. And I’d say yes, because I’d want to know. But first I would let the cheater know that I knew what was going on and give them the chance to come clean on their own before I told my friend.

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?
Typically in a can since that’s what we have at home but if I’m on a road trip then a bottle will do. I really don’t have a preference, except that it’s Diet Coke (or the occasional Strawberry Crush).

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?
Hair first and then when I put my conditioner in, I wash the rest and then rinse the conditioner. I have thick hair, it needs some extra love.

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?
It’s funny because I was just talking about that this weekend… here are the pieces of advice that I received that I most used myself:
1. Don’t just stay home with your baby in the evenings and on the weekends – take them places and get them used to sleeping outside of their crib and falling asleep in strange places. They will be more adaptable and less constrained to a bedtime routine. Plus, then you can hang out with friends and put your kids to bed at their houses.
2. You will not have more than 10 bad nights with your child (not certain if this last until they are 18 or just for babyhood) so when you are having a bad night, remember it’s just one night and there are only 9 more to go. You can handle one bad night and really, 10 nights in the grand scheme of things is NOTHING. The person who told me this has five children and she said she never surpassed 10 nights.
3. Children go in phases and bad temperaments or habits typically last about two weeks, so give something two weeks and it will likely go away. When you are in the middle of a stretch of frequent nightly wakings or bad baby moods, know it won’t last forever and will likely change in two weeks (give or take a few days).
4. All kids are different, yes, but you are not the only one going through whatever it is that you are going through. Seek support with friends or online. Reading blogs and baby-related sites helped me see that I wasn’t alone.
5. Sleep whenever you can, everything else can wait (you know, aside from baby-related needs).

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
Taking ibuprofen and drinking a bunch of water before going to bed. Repeat when you wake up. Eat a carb-alicious breakfast. I’ve never thrown up after drinking and certainly not because I’ve not drank enough so perhaps my method works, I don’t know… at least it works for me.


10 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. I had the same thing happen to me when I had an ulcer. I had horrible nausea. Hope it goes away soon.
    I hate it when one of my twin boys does the limp noodle.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Ok, I have to disagree w/ your friend about 10 bad nights. Our baby had colic and we had 3 months of bad nights!! Then it got better for a month and the last 6 weeks were awful again! I want your friend to come show me how to make it better, lol!

    Sorry about your ulcer. Boo. I hope you get to feeling better.

    Don’t even get me started on Kristin Stewart.

  3. I also disagree about 10 bad nights. In love. 🙂 Did this lady nurse? Did her kids not wake up in the night? I’m so confused. 🙂 Ulcer? Boo!!!!! Praying for you!

    • Boo to the ulcer… indeed. Though if not an ulcer it could be a GI bleed, gluten intolerance or something else hideous 🙂 Because not being able to eat bread would make me so sad, though not drinking diet coke and coffee is also v. bad.
      I think her definition of bad was relative… she did have one baby who was on a heart monitor for months 🙂 Perhaps it was a defeatist attitude since so much of the first year is full of bad nights, she had to tell herself those were a given and the REALLY bad nights were the ten she counted. Or she was a gluten for punishment 🙂

  4. Oh, how I love your random list! Boo for the sick Explorer! Oh…perhaps Kristen Stewart is the reason I can’t get into Twilight (as I have not read the books). Yes, I will blame her.

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  6. Loved your answers to 5QF. Our daughter has always slept 10-12 hours a night since she was 3 months. I have been blessed in that stage, but her attitude is getting up there, haaha. Can’t have it all I guess, but loved reading!

    • My kids were fairly good sleepers, especially knowing how bad it can be, but they definitely are making up with it attitude now 🙂 Guess we’re in the same boat!

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