Things I Like About Me

Ciao Mom’s linkup called Things I Like About Me came across my feed reader via Life with Baby Donut and despite the fact that I just listed 100 things about myself yesterday, I’m going to risk talking about myself again (because really, that’s kind of the point of this blog). I think it’s good and healthy to put some thought into good things about yourself, it helps reveal truths and areas for growth. As a Christian, it’s important we view ourselves with some love because that’s how God sees us, as a cherished child.

So, without further adieu… Things I Like About Me:

  1. I have a positive outlook on life. I don’t let things bring me down and I have faith that things happen for a reason and that they will get better.
  2. I’m also fairly laid back about things (not always, but much of the time). I might get hot and bothered about an issue or a driver whose intelligence I question, but in the rest of life I take things in stride. This is super handy in raising boys because they are always into things and running around like crazy and while it does get to me, in general we just go with the flow. The craziness doesn’t make me anxious, for as often as it can drive me a little nuts.
  3. I have a good blend of book smarts and common sense, and linear and creative thinking. I don’t think just one way and can see different perspectives or ways of approaching a problem.
  4. I’m a good gift-giver… I like finding unique things that the receiver will enjoy. I hate feeling like I got someone something that didn’t take any thought (though sometimes this is the case because life is busy and doesn’t always allow for shopping).
  5. I appreciate the beauty and specialness of everyday things and moments. Life isn’t filled with momentous occasions or life-changing memories, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fully appreciate the daily hugs, the silly laughter or the fluffy white clouds in the sky.
  6. I like entertaining and providing food/nourishment for my friends and family. I cannot wait to have a bigger house so we can more readily do this. I hope that as my boys grow up, we have the house where their friends want to hang out.
  7. I have the best of intentions for all of my relationships, which I guess means I’m genuine or authentic. I’m not perfect and I know I can let people down but I approach friendships and family always wanting the best for our interactions. I have no hidden agendas.
  8. I’m always learning and open to improvement. I think there’s always room for improvement and try not to be stagnant in life.
  9. I’m a communicator and always try to put things into words. Duh. As proof, I give you: this entire blog.
  10. I’m thoughtful. I feel like this might have been covered in one of the above, but one thing I value over most things is thoughtfulness. To me, there is no excuse for rudeness, certainly not in dealing with the people in our lives but also in dealing with people like servers, store clerks and receptionists. I think I try to be thoughtful and courteous because I’m overly empathetic to how my actions (and the actions of those around me) might make someone else feel. This can, at times, make me overly sensitive, but I’d rather be too sensitive than obtuse.

Ten seems like a good number of things to have. I’d encourage you to make your own list – it doesn’t have to be on a blog, but it’s just a nice thing to do for yourself. Keep it and look at it as a reminder of what makes you special and wonderful.


9 responses to “Things I Like About Me

  1. Great list! Glad you linked up!

  2. agree! agree! agree! and you’re thoughtful! and funny. 🙂 darn near perfect. 🙂 love you!

  3. Those are all awesome qualities–I wish I were more laid back about things. That is especially helpful when you have children!

    • Yes – the laid back quality has developed in the last five years of children – the kids are killing my desire for structure – it’s just easier that way 🙂

  4. Great list!! So genuine! Thanks so much for participating!

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