What I got for ya…

It ain’t much – just a little stream of consciousness, bullet point post… with some other random photos I found on Simon’s computer and that my SIL sent me for my birthday.

  • We are having a true heat wave (and I hate it) – it is hot, hot, hot outside and super humid and this makes me a little cranky.
  • Despite the hot temps, whenever Liam is inside and our A/C is running, he walks around saying “Brrr…”
  • This is a repeat for those who know me on FB, but worth repeating: when I ask Jack if he wants a timeout, he now responds with “I want a hug?”
  • I am happy to report that he’s still saying “I’ll be fun!” whenever I put him to bed or leave him at daycare and I still find it adorable.
  • Liam lost his lunch box at daycare on Monday – not sure how that happened and neither are they. Liam’s quite certain an invisible man took it and when I asked him what he looked like, he exasperatedly said, “Mom, I couldn’t see him, he was INVISIBLE!” Just checking.
  • Jack’s other cute new thing is to hold my face in his hands when he wants my attention or wants me to read him the book he’s shoved in my hands. I keep trying to get him to do this to Simon but we’ve yet to succeed, despite my directing him to just “try and ignore Jack” and it will happen.
  • While I appreciate the fact that my kids don’t freak out too much when they fall down, I do feel slightly bad that when Jack made a mad dash for the street as we were getting in the van and wiped out, scraping his leg, I said, “That’s why we don’t run in the road.” And then I said, “Are you okay?” [He was fine after a bandage and some hugs.]
  • Today is my friend, Jonna’s birthday, please go wish her happy birthday! She introduced me to Simon all those years ago and for that I will love her forever (though I would have despite her stellar matchmaking skills)!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some random photos with commentary.

My older (not oldest) and (slightly) wiser brother a few Christmas’ ago on a trip to Lansing. Here I believe he’s kareoking (it’s a word) at Corey’s a local bar owned by a family he grew up with. Clearly, he’s an amazing singer (and also maybe drunk).

Jack and my dad – two peas in a cheeseball pod.

Me, proving the cheeseball doesn’t fall far from the tree (perhaps I’m mixing too many metaphors). 

Liam and his future girlfriend/wife, Keila. Upon learning he will be a year ahead of her in school because we’re doing kindergarten next year, her mom told me that it would be all right because when he was a freshman in college, she could just ride her bike over to see him since they don’t live too far from where we plan on him going to college (remember, 80% discount on tuition).  

Jack and Simon at cousin Max’s birthday party – I think the only thing Jack ate that day was the frosting off three cupcakes and a handful of chips. He’s got discerning tastes. 

Last year at Reed’s Lake I took this photo of Simon and Liam that perfectly captures what life with our oldest is like. You just stand there and he never stops moving.

In closing, a photo of Simon and I tailgating before the U2 concert (why yes, that is a tattoo on my ankle – it’s the Chinese symbol for happiness; and yes, I verified that it really is that before getting it permanently applied to my body).  Perfect company. Perfect weather. Perfect concert.


5 responses to “What I got for ya…

  1. I loved Jack’s little voice saying “Handy, I got a owie.” accompanied by his little sad face. He’s too cute, and I think he knows it! Perhaps a future politician? 🙂

  2. BTW, I love how you and Simon look syncronized with your legs crossed the same direction. Too cute!

  3. cute cute cute. glad to see some pics of you. you are so cute. almost as cute as your kids. 🙂

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