It’s a Good, Good Life

Despite it being Monday, I’m in a thankful mood. We had a low-key but pretty great weekend! Here are some highlights:

  • We woke up Friday morning to find Liam had thrown up in the night and NEVER woke up. (this was obviously not a good highlight) But he never got sick again and wasn’t at all phased by what happened so all-in-all, I’d consider it a good thing. His pillow pet might not agree.
  • Since he was perfectly fine, Liam still got to go to a birthday party that afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese (don’t judge me, I didn’t see any reason to keep him home since he didn’t act or look sick at all – aside from the night-time pukefest). He was super thrilled as this birthday party thing is relatively new to him and we had always told him that he couldn’t go to Chuck E. Cheese until he was five (this made him slightly concerned that they wouldn’t let him in so I had to tell him it was okay if you were invited to a birthday party). He had a great time and scored some lovely (read: cheaply-made) prizes.
  • That evening we spent with some of our besties for dinner and playing and everyone when to bed tired and happy. Thanks again to Sarah for watching Jack while we were at the party.
  • Saturday was a wee bit lazy in the morning – though I did go for a spin on the stationary bike in the basement (way too hot and humid for going outside – ick – I am a delicate flower). Simon took a little road trip to Chicago to watch Man U vs. Chicago Fire and the boys and I took a little road trip to the grocery store to battle the shopping crowd – everyone survived.
  • Jack finally gave in after a little nap strike this week and slept for three hours – a welcome break for this mommy (side note: Jack’s just started calling me “mama” this week after never having called me that before – it’s always been mommy – and in his little voice it melts my heart every time).
  • After nap time we got to welcome our friend Keri and her three kiddos and aside from Avery (her youngest) being totally freaked out by our vicious 9-pound dog, we had a great evening. The kids paired up and played together wonderfully. Jack has finally outgrown his desire to put all kids his age and under in their place and other than a few typical squabbles over toys, everyone was happy and unharmed. (Happy day, at least I can put away the bullying worry for a while.) Plus, Keri also brought chocolate chip cookies made with shortening – who doesn’t love that?
  • Sunday brought an all-to-brief visit from my parents (on their way through town for a funeral visitation – not so great) much to the delight of everyone. We also broke out the IKEA easel before their visit and both boys drew, colored and put stickers on the paper to the hearts’ content without a single fight (sibling peace, could it be on the horizon?).
  • We even braved going out to dinner and survived without a single freak out. After how the children acted every time we took them out of the house last week, I consider this a small miracle.
  • Added bonus: capturing and posting this picture on FB:

  • Not so great added bonus: Jack said to me yesterday with a goofy little grin, “I ate my booger with my mouth… silly Jackers.” Um, gross. And also, really?
  • And I finished a book last night – the second in the Game of Thrones series – and I can’t wait to start the next one. Though I was just reading that the fifth book came out earlier this month after a FIVE year wait, so perhaps I shouldn’t hurry through them (if one can rush through a 700+ page book).

6 responses to “It’s a Good, Good Life

  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Would I like Game of Thrones? I haven’t heard of it. I only have book 3 of the Hunger Games left and then I’ll be looking for something else to read…

    • I think you would like Game of Thrones – it’s not my normal kind of book – fantasy/midevil-ish/war/kings, etc… but it is SO well written and interesting that I’m kind of addicted. Plus the books are LONG and there are FIVE so you’ll have plenty of reading material, but not very light hearted. So maybe? 🙂 I know, not a very definitive answer. Glad I’ll get to see you on Thursday!

  2. Clearly, a 9 pound dog can be very intimidating- particularly when all you are used to is the 40 pound dog you live with every day… Also- I just ate 2 shortening-loaded cookies while reading this blog. Probably should have left more at your house…

    • I let Simon have the one that was left last night and he said, “Where did these come from!?” Clearly hoping I had more stashed away. Alas. 🙂 You’ll just have to make them again!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend to me! Sans puking…and boogers. 🙂

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