Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing

  1. Making a to-do list (or five).
  2. Laying out a newsletter and/or a brochure.
  3. Responding to email (personal and work).
  4. Making an appointment to get a will written (for real – I KNOW this is something we need to do)
  5. Paying bills (personal and work).
  6. Spending time each day reading the Bible.
  7. Remembering to be thankful in all things.
  8. Drinking coffee or Diet Coke (always a given, but probably not a good idea because of the possible ulcer detail)
  9. Finishing something (I’m a starter).
  10. Showing others more grace.

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


6 responses to “Top Ten Things I Should Be Doing

  1. You’ve inspired me to make my own list. We need to have a will too…That’s one of those things that eats away at me and we just need to do it. Oh…and getting life insurance would probably be a smart idea too. Ugh…the joys of being an adult 🙂

  2. You and I are kindred spirits on #9.

    D. and I went to for our will. Then we had a notery friend noterize it. It was relatively simple, and VERY inexpensive compared to other channels.

  3. Sigh. This could be my list, too. Glad I’m not alone!

  4. I think I should start a to-do list…might en up being a to-do book! 🙂

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