Things I Love Thursday: Cute Things My Kids Say

  • Both my kids misprounounce remote; Liam said, “grr-mote” and Jack currently says, “bro-mote” so this is what we call it all the time
  • While walking the other night, Liam kept looking at me and shouting, “You’re getting skinnier, mom!”
  • Also on walks, Liam asks (loudly), as we approach someone else walking, “Are they a stranger?” My lesson about talking to strangers apparently hit home.
  • I’ve mentioned this before, but Jack continues to say, “I’ll be fun” when he’s dropped off at daycare or put in bed and it continues to be cute. [combining “You’ll be fine” and “You’ll have fun” into one phrase]
  • Jack, when we enter his room after he has been NOT napping for the last hour, says innocently, “I all done sleeping. No Wiggles. Maybe tomorrow.” Because he knows that not napping = not watching the Wiggles.
  • Every time George barks out the window (seeing another dog, or perhaps just a leaf blowing by), Jack excitedly asks, “Grandpa here?” [a few times he’s continued on down the list, asking about all the people who have ever come to our house that he remembers… Tyler? Maya? Colin? Keila? Ellery? Adam? JosiahMiles (one word/name)?
  • Referring to Kung Fu Panda as either Pung Po Panda or Pung Fu Pando
  • Calling General Grevious, Genital Grevious and Optimpus Prime, Octopus Prime
  • Liam singing AC/DC: “Dirty deeds, done dirt CHEESE.”
  • Ages ago, Liam asked me, “When underwear grows up, does it get to be pants?”
  • Without fail, when someone asks Liam what his last name is, he always responds with his entire name, first, middle and last and even corrected his preschool teacher at “graduation.”
  • Liam regularly tells me I’m beautiful and compliments my clothes (which will make him a great husband some day) but he also thinks he can comment when he thinks I should change my clothes; the other day I put on a t-shirt to go to a friend’s house and he asked, “Shouldn’t put on something fancier?”
  • Others would be very confused at our house to hear Jack ask for a Gogurt or a Danimals yogurt smoothie – he calls them sponge bob and monkey drinks because of what’s on their labels.
  • Jack says yes with a lisp (yeth) and calls my friend Sandy, “Handy” or “Candy.”

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One response to “Things I Love Thursday: Cute Things My Kids Say

  1. Oh, how I LOVE that he calls me “Handy!” Seriously…with his little voice melts my heart! And I LOVE that he is hoping we’re coming over when George barks. What a sweetie pie!

    C. says “un-chuck” for the nun-chuck on the wii. I don’t have the heart to correct him…it’s just too cute!

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