Things I Love Thursday: Delegating

Yesterday was a trifecta of things going wrong. First, our phones stopped working at the office. Next, our email stopped working and kept telling me my ID didn’t exist. Then our brake lights on our one-year-old van wouldn’t go off as expected and twice while I was driving the accelerator/engine acted like it slipped into neutral but would correct itself when I would release and then press on the gas again. Perfect.

The good news is, I have people I can call for these things and I can make my problem their problem to handle. I call this delegating, something I’m trying to be better at doing in the rest of my life and having problems I can’t handle myself means I definitely have to hand the job off to someone else. Do you think God knew I needed some practice?

So two phone calls and technician visits later, my phones get dial tone again instead of only static. One trouble ticket filed and my email is functioning again. And a visit to Toyota service and hopefully I’ll be driving the van to work in less than 30 minutes (keep your fingers crossed).

Not only did I get practice in delegating, but I got to experience how easy and stress free it can be to have someone else do things instead of trying to do it all myself. Now if only I can remember this and apply it to the other areas of my life because I’d rather not continue to have things go wrong so I can “learn” my lesson.

Also, I tried to make the Oreo pops I wanted to try for Liam’s birthday (linked to here) and they were an epic (but tasty) fail so I delegated the boys to eating the crumbled, half-dipped cookies. See, I’m learning already.

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One response to “Things I Love Thursday: Delegating

  1. I love that these things resolved so quickly for you. 🙂

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