High School Photos

For your viewing pleasure, pictures of me from high school. Remember, I was cool (or something like that).

Hanging out in the yearbook room, senior year. My friend, Julia, was brushing my hair – apparently I needed some help with that. My this stage I’d downgraded my ring-wearing to only one finger on each hand but I had not lost my love of turtlenecks. Adding to that, I developed a fondness for vests and Chuck Taylors (I owned three pairs and they were the only tennis shoes I wore for years – I liked to call my look preppy grunge).

In the yearbook room with my co-editor, Janet. I hear she is now a professor somewhere, I am not. She was the brains behind the operation, or at least the more dedicated one (she was valedictorian, an honor I only missed because of two “B”s on my report card – I cried, I was a bit of a nerd). But aren’t you jealous of my long hair (and my turtleneck)?

This was a staged photo for the yearbook – we needed a shot of someone in the classroom – being yearbook editor meant I also got to slip my own photo in as much as I could. Pursed lips = smarty pants. And another vest, though sadly, no turtleneck.

This was likely sophomore year since I was still sporting both glasses and braces but not a full hand of rings. This was also before I discovered thinning shears when I got my hair cut so my hairstyle was slightly triangular. But I did have a leather bomber jacket, so there’s that.

With the same friend, Pauline, as in the previous picture but this was two years earlier in middle school on our band and orchestra trip to Cedar Point. Wasn’t I too cute? I’m quite certain I got the curls in my hair from using sponge rollers the night before and the outfit I was wearing included a floral print jumper/shorts combo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this forray into my clothing choices… the good news is, it doesn’t have to stop here, we got a new printer/scanner this weekend so now I can share more embarrassing photos.


2 responses to “High School Photos

  1. Thanks for the trip into Nineteen-Eighty-Awesome. 🙂

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