Happy birthday to my sweet boy, Liam! I can hardly believe I have a five-year-old and at the same time, I wonder if he isn’t 5-going-on-15 because he’s certainly got the attitude to pull it off and I can’t imagine what life was ever like without him.

After two visits to the hospital and a totally ridiculous number of hours of labor and nearly three hours of pushing, we just made the 8/8 birthdate that Simon was hoping for (in Australia it’s common to write the day first and then the month when writing the date so 8/8 is the same in the US and Oz – win-win). But it was all worth it because we greeted this little guy into the world:

He was an easy baby, never prone to fits and always ready with a smile and a hug. He’s still fairly easy, but slightly more prone to fits when he’s tired or his brother is messing with his things (it’s hard to be a big brother). But he is such a little lover – generous with his hugs and loving words (again, except with his brother, but then Jack doesn’t make it easy on him).

He’s been blessed with both stubbornness and sensitivity; a love of music (see Liam’s favorite songs here) and a love of people; and a curiosity about the world with a desire to tell everyone about what he learns.

His daycare teacher told me last week that Liam is a joy to have there and that he blossoms wherever he is planted. Those are super comforting words for a mother to hear, especially when thinking about the big changes of school coming in a few weeks. Also reassuring when so often I am met with this angry face when I suggest a “new” thing:

The past year as brought many new experiences, including a newly discovered love of doing projects and drawing (he was always the kid who never did his art projects at daycare or preschool until this summer). He also learned to write his name and all of the rest of his letters. He got to see his first movie in the theater, go bowling, go to a baseball game and take a long road trip to Texas. He’s also more willing to try new things like vegetables and pouring water on his head – things he’s hated in the past.

Looking forward to the coming year, I think we’re all excited about what it will bring. The new experiences that will come with kindergarten – new friends, learning so many new things and spending full days at school. Getting to go on the guys trip to an MSU football game. And countless things we don’t even know about yet.

I’m quite certain that five is going to be pretty fabulous!


6 responses to “Five

  1. Happy Birthday to Liam! I bet it’s hard to believe that he’s 5 already. Time needs to slow down…just for a little while…

    • Thanks, Jenny – I can’t believe either of our kiddos are or will be five and starting kindergarten – are you ready?

      • I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! I do feel a bit anxious though and will be glad when the first day is here (which is one week from today…holy cow). All of this anticipation. Every day I drop her off at Appletree, I think “Only 5 days left”…then “only 4 days left”, etc. It makes me a little sad! She is so excited for school, so that makes things a little easier.

      • I’ll be thinking of you next week!

  2. Happy Birthday, Liam! He’s such a doll. Is it bad that I just laughed at his “angry face”? It’s just too cute!

    Don’t forget the FIRST trip to Chuck E. Cheeses in there! He’s STILL talking about that.

    • This is true, don’t know how I could forget Chuck E. Cheese – especially considering he went against the rules of having to be five first 😉 No, I laugh at the angry face, too!

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