Top Ten Thoughts on 10 Percent

It only seemed appropriate that this week’s top top ten list had to do with losing 10% of my body weight since officially starting my better living journey (a.k.a., Weight Watchers), a milestone I reached this past weekend. (Unofficially, I’ve lost more since last summer – more like 20% – but I wasn’t making a concerted effort until April.) It made me laugh when I was given the option to start maintenance, rather than set a new goal; now that I’ve come this far, there’s no way I’d settle for staying where I am.

Here’s what I’ve learned (so far):

  1. A balanced breakfast to kick off the day is as important (if not more important) as any other aspect of diet and exercise. I have a boiled egg, yogurt and fresh fruit (and often a slice of whole wheat toast) most every morning and it makes a difference.
  2. I hadn’t even realized how much sugar was in my diet until it wasn’t there anymore. And I don’t miss it. I’d much rather eat some black forest ham than a gummy bear for the same number of points. [I had cake and some gummy fruit slices yesterday for Liam’s birthday and today I have the biggest headache.]
  3. People who are openly supportive are awesome, inspiring and great for keeping me accountable. I started using a couple weeks ago to see if I liked it better than WW and it’s been great to have people I know on there and see what workouts they are logging and be able to comment and cheer them on, and vice versa (it’s like Facebook for diet and exercise). I also have a great walking partner and knowing we have a standing “date” every week with our boys commits me to working out at least once a week.
  4. I enjoy exercising and I’m done with excuses for not doing it, because there are many and they are valid but being healthy is MORE important than the excuses. I walk at least once a week with the lovely Sandy, but my goal is at least five times a week of 30 minutes of activity at a time. It’s hard with working full time, having a spouse who works when I’m not working and having two young children but it must be done. I borrowed a stationary bike from friends and have it in the basement and after the boys are in bed, my Kindle and I hit the basement and sweat it out. I’d love an elliptical or a treadmill (I’d love to do the Couch to 5K program, but with Simon working nights, the only way I could do it would be on a treadmill or getting up before work. You can see why I’d choose a treadmill.)
  5. I sweat, a lot. According to my dad, it’s hereditary. Sorry to anyone who sees me after I work out. It’s just the way it is.
  6. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel “skinny,” but I know I’ll feel healthy. I don’t love the way my body looks but I never have – no matter what size I was. I also don’t hate my body and never have. But I do love having endurance and more energy – that I can tell a difference with. What’s most important is feeling good about myself, not based on what I look like or the number on a scale (though it’s nice to have it be smaller), but based on how I feel. Right now, I feel good but I know I can feel great.
  7. I totally don’t mind eating cucumbers or bananas for a snack. If I’ve got points/calories to spare, pretzels and tomatillo salsa are also yummy.
  8. I love salads. A good salad should take time to make; if you take the time, it will taste delicious. (My favorite salad: greens, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, black forest ham, boiled egg and shredded parmesan cheese (red wine vinegar and garlic salt for dressing) – 4 pts. on WW and delicious, I’m not even kidding.)
  9. Splurging once a week on a meal out where I don’t worry about calories is great and allowable, and key for not getting burnt out. I’m learning to not feel guilty about it because it’s obviously not a deterrent overall.
  10. I’m proud of myself and doing this for me but I’m also glad to be doing this for my kids and while Jack has no clue what’s happening, I know Liam is proud of me, whether he gets that feeling or not.

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19 responses to “Top Ten Thoughts on 10 Percent

  1. You look good. More power to you

  2. You look so beautiful! I’m so excited you hit 10% YEAH!!! (doing a little happy dance!!!) I love walking with you too. It’s really kept me accountable to keep moving when I’m not feeling like it.

    And I LOVE your salads. I have salad envy everytime I make one of my own.

  3. So proud of you, Michelle – Keep up the great work!

  4. Good luck on your weight lost journey!!! 🙂

  5. You rock michelle! i am quite impressed and proud! 🙂

    • Thanks, friend! It’s nice to have some control over something and see progress! If only I could work on all the things I didn’t like about life 🙂


  7. Oh I am so proud of you! And I just love the headshot comparison. It would explain why I told you the other night that I was scattered in my conversation because I was so distracted by your face 😉 I couldn’t quite figure out why or how but you seemed strikingly beautiful, as opposed to your typical beautiful self! so proud of you

  8. You look fantastic!! You inspire me – I am so proud of you!

  9. You are beautiful and always have been. I’m proud of your hard work towards becoming healthier and know you will continue to do great! Love you!!

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