It’s Friday… Friday!

This has been another one of those weeks where, when each day reaches its end, I have to think of what I’ve accomplished because it doesn’t feel like anything got done. The days flew right by, which is good and bad. But sometimes when these weeks do happen, it’s hard to remember to be thankful for things or what has been checked off the list. So, how about a little thankfulness/done list?

  • I’m thankful for my husband who did all the kids’ laundry today “so I would have one less thing to think about.” Awww – so thoughtful.
  • I’m thankful for my parents who spent last weekend with us, herding children and celebrating Liam’s birthday. I hope I can work as hard as they do when I’m 75-years-young
  • Also super thankful for our families and friends who love our kids and help them have special birthdays
  • I’m glad to finally get our new smart phones (another Droid for me and an iPhone for Simon to replace his “dumb” phone)
  • Ever-amazed by capable medical professionals both for myself and for my friends
  • Grateful to the teachers at the boys’ daycare – they are excited to go there their two days a week and that takes a load off my mind
  • Blessed to be able to spend time with two of my best friends at the Sara Barielles concert two nights ago (especially thankful for our contraband mixed drinks and wine); equally blessed by the thoughtful husband who gave me the gift.
  • Glad the flow of work is consistent at my office, though I could use a few more hours in a day at the moment
  • Appreciative of friends, always.

And because it wouldn’t be Friday, without Five Questions, here are the five questions I hear most often:

  1. Can I watch [Wiggles or Noggin]?
  2. Can I have [food – mainly chicken nuggets, gogurts, monkey drinks or caramel milk]?
  3. Is it my turn to…? (Even though he’s 2.5 years younger, Jack seems to think it’s only fair that he share equal turns/responsibility for things like giving George treats and holding the door open between our garage and house.)
  4. Can I play with my Legos? (We keep the Legos up out of Jack’s reach to avoid the typical choking hazards but mostly to avoid sibling fighting that would inevitably arise from Jack messing with Liam’s toys.)
  5. What are we going to do today that’s special? (Liam’s apparently of the mindset that every day needs to have an element of the unordinary in it – thankfully going to daycare, church and the mall both count as special things along with parks and playdates.)

3 responses to “It’s Friday… Friday!

  1. What are monkey drinks? I haven’t heard of those. That’s cute that he wants to do something “special” every day!

    • Monkey drinks are what my kids call those Dannon Yogurt smoothies for kids – because they have a monkey on them – it’s confusing for everyone but us 🙂 Thankfully Liam can now explain what they are to babysitters.

  2. I’m thankful for you! I sooo appreciate who you are to me, and what an important role you play in my life! (and my boys too)

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