Things I Love Thursday: Sarah DB

Sarah’s the lovely lady in the center in purple with glasses.
We might have drank a few mojitos prior to the taking of this photo.

I’ve been blessed with some wonderful friends in all areas of my life – I definitely know the best people around (though I’m sure your friends are pretty awesome, too)! But one of my dearest and truly sweetest friends, is Sarah. I’ve known her since day one of college and she even lived in Chicago for part of the time that I lived there so we haven’t lived too far apart from each other for over 15 years (but we’re not old). Like me she also has two boys so we get together fairly often for playdates and Saturday night dinner and games. She even watched my kids for a week when we went to Arizona last year (she’s no saint – we did pay her – but she sure is close, though she’ll hate reading that, it’s true).

I just love that girl (though we are to the age when I should say woman) and all the happy memories I have of her and with her. She always brightens my day and is someone I know I can call for help – whatever I might need. She also hardly ever swears and was known to say, “I’m swearing in my head!” when we were in the dorms. I do recall one time when she shouted “sh!t” and ran of the room (I think related to some brownies in the oven) and it left the rest of us in a fit of laughter because it was so unexpected. Our freshman year I used to tuck she and her roommate into their loft beds before I continued my studying for the night. If I could find it, I would share with you a video I have of her from our 30th birthday trip to Key West – she’s hilarious and delirious in it, purely because she’s tired – it’s awesome! Four years ago she invited me to join her MOPS group and I’ve been going ever since and loved sharing that experience with her.

I love her delight of life, her giving and caring spirit and her friendship that has blessed me so very much. And I love that she always has Diet Coke in her fridge and often homemade baked goods on the counter. Plus you need to see her when her feet get too hot or her curly hair gets out of control – mucho entertaining.

She’s currently pregnant with her third boy (bless her) and has been in a bit of a scary spot for the past day as she was having contractions at 32 weeks while up north with family and ended up getting sent by ambulance down to our city in case their efforts to stop labor weren’t successful. At the moment – labor is paused but child #3 might prove himself to be determined to come out so we wait and pray. Bedrest will definitely be in the near future – which seems fairly impossible with an almost 6-year-old and a 4-year-old to look after. I know she’ll rise to the challenge and all will be well but in the meantime, this wasn’t exactly how things were planned. So I thought I’d throw a little extra love her way because if anyone can use it, it’s her. And if anyone is going to be a fantabulous mom of three BOYS, it’s my sweet Sarah! You are the best! Really, truly. Love you my friend!

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16 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Sarah DB

  1. Awh, Michelle, you’re sweet words for Sarah have me all teary eyed! I love your friendship with her, and both of you are just such wonderful ladies. I’m blessed to call you both my friend!

    But, seriously….Sarah was one of the reasons I loved my first year at MOPS. She was so welcoming, and has a way of making everyone feel wanted and appreciated.

    Praying for baby db.

  2. I had SO MANY bouts of pre-term labor (lots of hospital trips) but with enough drugs, luck, and strict bed rest kept the boys in until 36w3d. Will be thinking good thoughts!

    PS I am so behind on blog commenting with Jon gone and the boys in kindergarten that I haven’t gotten around to saying happy 5th birthday. SORRY!

    • Way to go on keeping those twins in the “oven” that long – I’m so thankful for medical professionals who know what they are doing!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes – he’s finally stopped asking if he’s getting more presents!

  3. So sweet! You are both wonderful! Praying for Sarah…that’s scary stuff!

  4. Oh my, you had me crying by the time I read title of today’s blog! You are too kind and have proven to be a dear friend, time and time again. Thanks for your generous and sweet words…I could write the same about you (except I don’t think I ever tucked you, the night owl, into bed!) And I’m slightly relieved that you didn’t find that video of Key West!!

    • Good friends bring out the best in each other 😉 Love you my dear!

      • Okay, now I want to cry 🙂 What a sweet blog, Michelle. I love you, girls! BTW…there was video of our Key West trip? Why do I not remember that? And I didn’t even have a mojito! 🙂

      • I have a number of Key West videos – though most were taken post-mojito, the one of Sarah was just normal dilerium, unrelated to alcohol. It is cute.

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