Music Monday: Not Happening

I woke up tired this morning. Well, more truthfully, I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm with that horrible feeling that I was going to oversleep and then couldn’t fall back asleep so I just got up – this is unheard of, even more so because Simon never woke up (usually he’s already awake and downstairs when I get up). Then Jack cried big tears when I left him at daycare, woefully saying, “Don’t leave me, mommy!” I hope this is not a preview for what the rest of the week will look like. Because if it is, I’m going to need more Diet Coke and Prilosec.

Because of that, this is all I have for you today:


One response to “Music Monday: Not Happening

  1. Ugh…sorry for your rough start, friend! Hopefully that was the worst and it’s all much better after that?!?!?

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