Things I Think

  • It’s always a bummer when the easy going-to-bed nights hit when a sitter gets to put the kids in bed. I also think I should get a discount when this happens.
  • It amazes me how much joy Liam can get out of a new pair of shin guards when he has no clue even how to play soccer.
  • I really have lucked out with the people God has put in my life. I will never stop being thankful for them.
  • Even though we know it’s for the best, it sucks to put our kids through something we know they’re not going to enjoy – like daycare drop off, surgery or vaccination shots.
  • You never stop being a parent, no matter how old you or your kids get – it is forever. This also means you never stop being someone’s child.
  • Pizza with green olives is delicious. Lemon bars are also delicious.
  • I truly enjoy the time I spend on the stationary bike in the basement and I totally don’t mind sweating if I don’t have anywhere to go afterward.
  • When in doubt, it never hurts to send a thank you note. It will always be appreciated.
  • This quote was in a book I read last week: “Life is difficult. God is merciful. Heaven is sure.” Philip Yancey’s father-in-law [The first time I typed that from memory, I wrote: Life is hard. God is good. Heaven is certain. Not sure which I prefer.] I can’t get it out of my head.

2 responses to “Things I Think

  1. Love your version of the quote. And I totally think you should get a discount too. However, if you look at the flip side of that, if bedtime was a trail, the babysitter would not be returning (or ask for more money).

  2. i like your version better, too. I think kids go down better for others a lot of time. they save the trickery for those they love most. speaking of those i love most-you are most certainly one. 🙂 xoxo

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