Music Monday: New Tunes

It’s Monday once again, just like always… I’m ready for the week, anyone else? Did you know we are only 17 weeks from Christmas? And 18 weeks from a new year – doesn’t 2012 seem so space-agey? Anywho, that’s neither here nor there.

Thought you’d enjoy a little new music to get you through your week… here are some songs I recently downloaded thanks to an Amazon MP3 credit from my handy Kindle.

If I Die Young | The Band Perry (an XM/Sirius DJ recently compared them to Taylor Swift which annoyed me and seemed like an insult – her inexplicable fame and fortune not withstanding)

Rumour Has It | Adele (her voice is AMAZING; also, I take back what I said in 5QF – I’d totally want to see Adele in concert)

Someone Like You | Adele (because I really love her, plus this one has commentary and don’t you just love listening to her talk?)

Many the Miles | Sara Bareilles

Come Home | One Republic

Stolen | Dashboard Confessional


3 responses to “Music Monday: New Tunes

  1. I love Adele too. I love the grit in her voice.

  2. ‘someone like you’ has been on my top 5 recently too 🙂

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