Top Ten Things I Use Every Day

I think we are all creatures of habit – I cannot think of anyone I know who does things different all the time (not to say that people aren’t adaptable, but given normal circumstances, I think people operate predictably and that’s okay). I was thinking about things I use every day and thought – this would be a great top ten list! I do hope you enjoy a little glimpse into my monotony.

Top Ten Things I Use Every Day:

  1. The shower – I cannot start a day without a shower, even if I’ve just taken one before I went to bed. I have not been and never will be an evening showerer. Mostly because I like fresh hair each day and because I hate that sticky skin feeling you get after sleeping. There are occasional Saturdays when I don’t shower all day but they are very rare.
  2. Google – I love to look up things on the Internet and believe you can almost always find an answer on the Internet (unless you are looking for something too vague like cake, in which case, you’ll find my blog). Here are some things I’ve recently Googled: “97% honeysuckle white recall,” “egg free chocolate cake,” ” goat cheese fondue” and “arden myrin hanes.” [I also love that Google has become a verb and I accept that.]
  3. One of our vehicles – we almost always leave the house every day; more than once.
  4. My angry mom voice – though Liam has been asking me to stop using it, which I tell him I will do when he starts listening better because he doesn’t respond to my nice mom voice.
  5. The toilet – it had to be said.
  6. My smartiephone – I recently got a new one (Droid platform, HTC Inspire) and I kind of love it. I had a Droid before but there have been improvements and I’m more than okay with that. I can never go back toa dumb phone, sad, but true.
  7. Google Reader – to keep up with all my bloggity blogs (for those keeping track, the number of unread blogs soared to close to 800 before slowly going back down – riveting stuff, I know)
  8. Plastic plates and bowls from the Target dollar spot – I just can’t pass them up when they get news ones so we have an assortment of Ironman, Hot Wheels, Dr. Seuss and Spiderman that I use every meal to serve up food to the boy-os.
  9. Stainless steel water bottles – I have two, one is always in the fridge, getting water chilled for when I empty the one in my hand. They are 22 ounces so each time I go through one that’s almost 3 glasses of water – helps me hit my 8-glass-per-day target with ease.
  10. Bribes for good behavior – I am not such a stellar parent that my kids always immediately obey me (or even slowly obey me) and I honestly don’t know that I’d ever have the energy or ability to get that to happen but bribes often get the job done, horrible parenting tactic or not. Fruit snacks, television time, special outings, smoothies, extra minutes at bedtime, Lego time, Wii time, Wiggles time – whatever it takes – I’ll use it.

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


2 responses to “Top Ten Things I Use Every Day

  1. so happy you use the toilet everyday. You went there first. 🙂

  2. That is a great top ten!!! I think it’s great you said bathroom!!! Of course, it had to be said 😉

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