Random Thoughts

Random thoughts, not to be confused with total brain dump… they are so very different. These are all the things that have been floating in my head that I thought, I should blog about this and never actually did, or they aren’t long enough to be a whole blog in themselves. But bullet-list them together and watch out…

  • Liam had is first ever soccer practice last week. Given that he’s missing his second practice and first game, the jury is still out on how this will all go. At one point, all the other kids were lined up facing one direction and Liam was standing opposite them, helping Keila with her ball. I’m quite certain this is indicative of his being one of the children who will score in the wrong goal.
  • After soccer practice, I was lucky enough to snag a new-to-me elliptical for a happy-to-me price. It just fit in the minivan – both boys’ seats were so far forward that Liam had to straddle my seat, but it fit and is now happily at home in our basement next to the recumbent stationary bike (it’s getting to be a regular old gym down there). Liam likes to work out on the elliptical, I like the challenge. After ten minutes on it, Liam commented, “That machine makes your face really red, mommy.”

Liam’s a great workout buddy – though a bit of a water hog (photo edited to cut out the large quantity of boxes we have stored under our basement stairs in a hoarder-eque fashion).
  • I decided to try the Couch to 5K program but since I don’t have a treadmill and can’t train outside without a stroller attached to me, I’m attempting it on the elliptical. This may or may not work but I did the first day and only wanted to die a little. Talk to me on weeks four and five, at least that’s what Sandy says.
  • After a two-week break (thanks to C’s pukies in Costco – the horror, for Sandy, not me), I got to walk with Sandy and her boys again last night – it was lovely! Our boys were only moderately whiny which made us only moderately grumpy.
  • Liam loves kindergarten, though I am anticipating a time when he won’t be quite so excited to be there (a.k.a., when he realizes this is a long-term gig). He told me yesterday that he has a new friend named Casey who has long hair and looks like a girl, but is a boy. I suspect that Casey might actually be a girl, but I cannot confirm this.
  • Does anyone else Google the parents of the kids in their child’s class? I like to know who I’m dealing with but Simon thinks this is strange. I prefer to be informed. Hopefully other people do this and if so, “Hi there, welcome to my blog!”
  • I’m happy to report Liam played the Wii last night and did not throw the remote at my head when I told him it was time to be done. He only got a little angry-faced but that was it. Later when I praised him for his good reaction, he said, “What I really wanted to say to you was, ‘You’re mean!'”  But he didn’t so perhaps he can be trained after all.
  • Last night I made these No-Bake Energy Bites (which I referred to in a text as energy balls and then my 13-year-old-boy self giggled). They came recommended by Heidi, whose opinion on food I find without reproach; we are food soul mates. The energy balls are very good, if you are at my MOPS table, you’ll be getting them on Thursday morning. Enjoy. Everyone else will have to make their own. Unless you come to my house tomorrow night, in which case, I’ll make an exception (also, I won’t be home).
  • Jack’s developed a booger-eating habit. I do not approve of this new habit. I told him not to eat one and he responded with, “I will… I like it!” There is nothing I’ve done to cultivate this new behavior so apparently it is inherent to his personality. He’s a booger-eater. Woe. [I’m also appalled that I’ve had to use booger twice in this paragraph and now a third time. Ick.]
  • A new bakery opened very close to my work. They make delicious stuff. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I would not know personally. Ahem.
  • Tomorrow is the first program of the year for the communications/networking group of which I’m the board president, hopefully we have  good turnout. Being the president of the board makes me feel old and distinguished… neither of which I am, relatively speaking.
  • Thursday is our first MOPS meeting of the year – I’m exponentially more excited about this meeting than I am about the one in the previous bullet. I posted of my love of MOPS here.
  • Also, our upstairs shower was leaking into the ceiling of our stairway – that was a bummer. But hopefully Simon has it fixed and soon he can repair the gaping hole in the ceiling, though I will miss Jack  pointing to it when he goes up the stairs and saying, “Uh oh, it broke!”
  • And for the record – it is nearly halfway through September, how in the heck did this happen?

2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. I love that MOPS is starting. Hooray for reconnecting yesterday, boo for pukies in Costco. I feel worse for that girl I gave the shopping cart to. I told Dave after you left that we were meant to be friends because we were both crabby at our kids, but we were so happy to see each other. 🙂

    I have a feeling you’ll breeze through week 4. Cause you’re awesome!

  2. Elliptical.. ahh heaven with a mp3 player, ipod, anything music related 🙂

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