Our Weekend in Ten Photos*

Liam spent the weekend at his first Spartan football game, joining the older boys for their annual football weekend – he thought the game was “super!” Ironically, he spent a great deal of time watching the game by lying on the cement underneath the bleachers and playing Angry Birds on Simon’s phone. But despite his lack of interest in the game, he had a great time with the boys!

While Liam was being indoctrinated into the life of a Spartan fan (it’s all heartache, just when you think it’s going to be great), Jack and I hung out with my mom, my SIL Joan and my nephew of the great- variety, Max.

We walked around a local arboretum in the morning. Stopping to feed the fish some bread and get some lovin’.

We also spotted wildlife: some wild turkeys at the entrance (no photo) and a doe and a fawn just waking up for the day much to Max’s great delight since he was asking for deer the whole time we were there. I felt like a magician to be able to point them out to him. He then chased them down the path and would have followed them into the woods had Joan not caught him.

The boys were very interested in a caterpillar we found on the path.

Though Max was more daring and would actually touch it, while Jack preferred to admire it at a safe distance (you can never be too careful; this care for things stops at touching caterpillars since he has no qualms about eating boogers and drinking bath water – two GROSS things he absolutely delights in to my horror.).


Joan and Max took a side trip to the library while mom, Jack and I checked out a local art fair. After naptime we rejoined for more fun (a.k.a., general trouble-making and wrestling by the small crowd).

image image
image image

Sunday we went to church and played outside until the big boys came home. Jack was a little sad to say goodbye to the life of an only child. It was fun while it lasted. He reverted to his usual second-child mentality within minutes of Liam’s return.


And then we spent the next 3.5 hours in the car for the 1-hour trip back home. Nope, nothing’s wrong with my math, it was a LONG trip – finding us traveling 2 miles in 60 minutes. I took the photo below while we were sitting on the highway, going nowhere real fast. There was apparently an accident that resulted in a fatality and we were diverted off the highway.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!

*Smaller photo groupings count as one photo; using that thought, this totally counts as 10 photos.

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2 responses to “Our Weekend in Ten Photos*

  1. Happy weekend! Those sparty bleachers look a little sparse, my dear. Go Blue! (teehee!) Jack looks too cute here! Can’t wait to see you guys today!

    • You are a funny girl – I’ll just say I’m quite certain they got there SUPER early – because Liam was done for the day before kick off 😉 Yea for walk day!

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