I’ve mentioned a time or two that I like to make lists. Mostly I make them for myself since neither of my kids can read and my husband is an adult who can make his own lists. But with getting everything ready for this past weekend, I needed Simon to run to the store on Friday morning while he was at home with Jack so I started him a grocery list and I added a note for him to pack for Liam since he (Simon) was Liam’s responsible adult for the weekend. Simon added “clean van” for himself. And when I asked him to take a pan of rolls out of the refrigerator for me before I got home, he snottily told me, “Just put it on the list. If it’s on the list, I’ll do it!” Oh really… let’s see. So I added two more things along with taking the rolls out of the fridge.

Because I can be snotty, too. (I also thought I had better be specific, otherwise his buying me flowers at some point in the distant future would fulfill his duty to the list.)

For the record, he forgot to take the rolls out of the fridge.

And while he didn’t buy me flowers on Monday, I did find this when I got home:

Close up on the note:
I’ll give him extra points for flattery, plus he also got me pink and white athletic socks.

The jury’s still out on item #4. As Simon himself said, “I don’t like your chances on that one.”


4 responses to “Lists

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love your list. Specifically #4! Sould like a list I would make for my husband! Except, since he’s a male…#4 is inevitably going to be a loss.

  2. You two crack me up – I love it!

  3. Wow. That’s just fabulous. ONe of my favorite stories ever.

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