Five Question Friday

1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet?
I don’t really have a go-to, though when I want a snack, it’s either somethings salty or fruity and gummy. Tortillas with salsa. Pretzels and cheese. Jelly beans. Salt water taffy. All good.

2. What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been to?
I find romantic things rather schlocky (lucky for my husband who is not really romantic, but more practical – see answer to #5 below) so I can’t say I’ve really been to a romantic place. I’ve been to scenic, memorable places with my husband, so I guess those could be romantic. The Twelve Apostles on Great Ocean Road in Australia, Smoky Mountains on our honeymoon, Grand Canyon in January 2010. And our first Valentine’s Day together, Simon took me to dinner at a local restaurant that served a three-course meal with chocolate in every course, that was pretty romantic (and delicious).

The Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

3. What is your favorite thing about fall/Halloween?
The turning leaves. The smell of smoke in the air from a fire in a fireplace.

4. How would you spend 24 hours alone?
At home: Reading. Sleeping. Cleaning my children’s closets. If the 24 hours was underwritten by someone else, I’d spend it at a spa with my girlfriends.

5. Does you husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl?
See above answer, and also this post. I would actually like to get flowers more often, but my husband doesn’t believe they are good representation of his love for me because they don’t last very long and die (unlike his love – which makes him slightly romantic, if you think about it). That said, I loathe traditional red roses and prefer unusual ones like sterling roses (because of the movie Bed of Roses) or hydrangeas, dahlias or spider mums. But my husband is a great bargain hunter/shopper and I appreciate that more than I’d appreciate getting flowers (though once in a while WOULDN’T KILL ANYONE).


2 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. Love your No. 4 answer… 24 hours someone else was paying for… hmmm. I normally would agree on the smell of smoke, but we have been having some horrible brush fires around here, so when I smell smoke I am wondering if I need to start loading and moving animals. Not a good thought to have, but there you have it.
    I am going to have to add that place in Australia to my must visit list. That is gorgous.

  2. I think our husbands would get along very well in the “practicality” department. Except you wouldnt’ catch him dead shopping.

    Also….Hershey’s Ice Cream on 52nd. St. just west of East Paris. I will gladly take you so I can have some more!

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