Top Ten Things That Might Surprise You About Me*

1. My toenails have had polish on them approximately 51 out of the last 52 weeks.

2. I find Joel McHale very attractive. My husband supports this attraction; mostly because it allows for his attraction to Chelsea Handler.

3. I’m relatively new to texting and I LOVE IT! It completes the teenage part of me that used to love talking on the phone AND the adult part of me who hates talking on the phone (except to my parents – still love talking to them).

4. I love talking to my parents on the phone. Seriously, they are great people and good conversationalists.

5. I have no desire to take a cruise or visit Hawaii. None. I’m sure they’d be pretty but there are just other place I’d rather go.

6. I cannot use squatty potties properly, I have to completely undress below the waist and this is not really a best practice. Of course I had to use them before I found Google, perhaps I could have researched the proper way.

7. I miss MacGuyver – I thought he was pretty awesome. And Murdock freaked me out. (Any other MacGuyver fans out there?)

8. I was not an English major. Ironic since I work for a company that primarily does editing and writing. I’m the token business/graphic design major.

9. I had the entire last season of House on the DVR that I never got around to watching and finally let Simon delete it a couple of weeks ago. Too many weeks went by and I couldn’t get started and let it overwhelm me. I was bested by a TV show and I can admit it.

10. I’m an introverted extrovert. Sometimes I’m totally on a roll when I talk with people and other times I leave a conversation and wonder how I have any friends.

*(or not)

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


11 responses to “Top Ten Things That Might Surprise You About Me*

  1. You have some many friends because you ARE a wonderful friend! And I can’t use squattie pottys either. I end up peeing all over myself. And this is something I never would have thought to google. Thank goodness we’re friends!

    • Google holds the answers to all the mysteries of the world – sometime I should share a list of things I’ve googled. I love google (and my friends)!

  2. I don’t even know what squattie potties ARE. Also, love this post. Also, loved MacGuyver. Also, I like to think I was instrumental in getting you into full texting mode. 🙂 I can’t even imagine life back when you weren’t able to! And I TOTALLY agree about not wanting to talk on the phone except parents. And sisters. Maybe I’m an introverted extrovert, too. 🙂

    • You are lucky you don’t know what a squatty potty is – it’s basically a public restroom with a hole in the ground instead of a toilet. In theory you are supposed to be able to pull down your pants as normal and squat over the hole to go, but I could never get the angle right and was paranoid about peeing on my pants so I had to remove clothing to avoid a more embarassing situation. They had them in Kazakhstan and sometimes the stalls either wouldn’t have walls or doors. The American girls still had to wait and go one at a time while our Kazakh roomies would just all go in together. It is apparently a skill I will not learn.
      And you are definitely my texting-inspiration, solves my problem of wanting to communicate but not wanting to be verbal 😉

  3. I have wonderful childhood memories of MacGuyver and rootbeer floats 🙂
    And I’m mildly curious about this ‘completely undress below the waist’ when going to the bathroom … like, little kid completely undress?? Cracks me up 🙂
    And, I used to think texting was terribly rude – until I actually tried it and realized just how much I love it! Though I could spend hours in middle school watching tv on the phone with a friend, I absolutely hate talking on them now. 70% of the time I don’t even bother answering the phone…
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful things about you!

    • I would totally pick emailing someone over talking on the phone. The fact that we have caller ID at work is bad because I often avoid clients… not the best business practice. But I do always email them back 😉

  4. I hate talking on the phone too. Does everyone our age hate talking on the phone?? Weird. Also- I’m pretty sure I might be an extroverted introvert.

  5. I think maybe we have so many people that need us so much that taking the emotional energy to talk on the phone is something that’s just not a good option right now. Except to our parents who will talk about the weather and how they can help us and don’t care if we just say “um” a whole bunch and can’t finish sentences.

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