The difference a year makes

The photo above was from almost exactly one year ago. We spent the afternoon at Frog Hollow Park with our good friends, the DeBaets’ and had so much fun (obviously). Jack was the magical age of 20 months old and obviously thrilled with life.

Here are my observations about this past year, many things have changed but many things remain the same.

  • Since then, Sarah and Brian have added another little guy to their family – we love baby Wesley!
  • Sarah and I made plans on Friday to go to Frog Hollow with all the boys, but ended up just going to their house as a Sarah was worn out after a morning doctor’s appointment – what a difference an extra child makes.
  • Instead, we ended up going to Frog Hollow on Sunday as a family; as usual we stopped at Sonic on our way for half-off slushies.
  • On our way home we braved a new restaurant and tried the Beltline Bar – we decided that we like Little Mexico better and that people named Ben David should not be servers.
  • Jack was wearing two layered onesies – I was just thinking the other day how I miss the cute, soft onesies but that it had been FOREVER since Jack wore one, but really, not that long ago.
  • Liam still does the some of the same things at Frog Hollow that he did last year – swings, balance beam, slide – but he’s now added monkey bars and scaling the “rock” wall to his repertoire.
  • Jack is still thrilled with life, but not nearly has happy about it. As proof, I offer this photo I shared on Facebook yesterday, of Jack at the magical age of 30 months:

What a difference a year makes… indeed.


One response to “The difference a year makes

  1. Ok, this post stresses me out-because if he’s 30 months, that does not bode well for the fact that we’re only at 18. And I was really hoping it would all be over in five months. Hmmmm. Cute kids though. And I agree on Beltline Bar vs. Little Mexico. 🙂 I never saw the big deal about BB.

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