Top Ten Halloween Observations

1. Traditions are wonderful and I’m so glad we’ve got some for our kids – one such tradition is spending Halloween with our good friends and their girls. We’ve done this every Halloween since Liam and Keila were 1 and plan on continuing it long into the future!

2. My mom totally had the right idea about being the one to stay at home while my dad took me around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Tracey and I send the boys off with the kiddos and we hand out candy at their house. It’s a perfect set up.

3. Halloween really is fun for the whole family – the kids get to haul in the candy with the illusion that they will get to eat it all and the parents get to sneak it out of their buckets after they go to bed.

4. I enjoy being able to make Halloween costumes – and I’m not at all being sarcastic about that. Though I feel like the Angry Bird costumes might be the pinnacle of my costume-making career.

5. The grown up costumes are way more entertaining than the kid costumes – all the teachers at Liam’s school dressed up for the parade but my favorite was the male teacher who was dressed like a blond Dorothy.


He at least should have gone the extra mile and shaved his legs, don’t you think?

6. If you are helping out with the class Halloween party and having to make a fool out of yourself by doing Halloween motions with the kids for a game (e.g., flap your arms like a bat, walk like a skeleton and dance like a princess), the least the other parents could do is avert their eyes and not sit and watch you.

7. Carving pumpkins is not worth the effort if your kids are too little to actually clean them out and do any of the work. We tried last year and completely skipped that activity this year but since I made their costumes (from scratch, without a pattern) I figure I can let it slide.

8. Parents at our school take the Halloween parade very seriously – I arrive 20 minutes early and still had to drive on the bike path to park out on the lawn by the road.

9. My kids make darn cute Angry Birds.


10. When you haven’t eaten a whole lot of sugar for 6 months – 3 snack sized candy bars make you hyper… but at least I know the crash is coming…

P.S. It’s NOVEMBER! How did this happen?

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3 responses to “Top Ten Halloween Observations

  1. Seriously…I had four pieces of candy (not all of them full size fun bars). I was buzzed until 2am. What the heck?!?!?

    They are way cute angry birds!

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