Nuttin’ honey…

I just spent the last three hours editing a legal magazine (it’s as thrilling, and interesting, as you assume) and I’m going to spend the next couple hours laying out a newsletter for an IT department (actually way more interesting that it sounds) so I got nothing in my head to share with you but this rambling, run-on sentence.

And this: tomorrow (or today as the case may be) is MOPS and I’m lined up to help bring brunch and I decided to do make-your-own breakfast burritos (an idea I totally stole from someone who did it last year) but I’m making oven-baked scrambled eggs to use in them. Here’s hoping they turn out (I did a test-run tonight that seemed perfectly tasty, so there’s that).

Oh, and I have this for you… Jack has started an adorable habit of running into the room and exclaiming, “I’ve got to tell you somefing (sic), mom!” And I think maybe he’s going to spout out some deep, meaningful sentence but like a typical man, he stares at the food on top of our fridge and says, “I want somefing (sic)… I fink I want a ‘nack.”

And it’s December. Yes, it is.


One response to “Nuttin’ honey…

  1. Yeah, I’m brain dead when it comes to posts as well.

    I love Jack.

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