More laughable search terms

And now for a little humor… back in August I did a Top Ten Tuesday featuring my favorite amusing search terms that have led to my blog, here are some more for your (and my) entertainment:

  • lists of observations to elderly | I just can’t figure this one out
  • rachel bilson as a doctor laughable | it appears that I’m not the only one who saw The OC
  • long second toe(s) | my toes are real, people, and very long
  • bradley cooper on his favorite animal | not sure if they were looking for an article with Bradley Cooper talking about his favorite animal or a photo of him on his favorite animal, either way, barking up the wrong tree
  • bungee cord parenting | a new extreme sport or parenting method?
  • tv show felicity who was stabbed? | I’d love to tell you, because I think someone was, but I can’t for the life of me find the answer by Googling it, ironic.
  • god’s apple orchard | that would be heaven
  • what does “take a louie” mean? | turn left
  • lentil stew made for jesus | I did not make my lentil stew for Jesus (though it is good), I also did not know Jesus was partial to lentil stew or that the Bible talked about particular recipes
  • cakes saying liam | I can’t figure out why someone would search for this as it’s not like it’s a specific design/decoration and if they are using the search term, obviously they know how to spell the name; also this makes me laugh to think of a cake audibly saying “Liam” that would be awesome

Top searches:

  • ememby/ | this warms my heart because it means people are searching specifically for ME and my blog, we’re going to believe that they are all normal people and none of them are scary stalkers (remember, I have a huge, scary dog)
  • lightning mcqueen cake (+ a misguided “speedy” mcqueen cake) | for other mothers of boys who love Lightning McQueen, here’s a link to that post
  • hypercolor clothes | we are apparently reliving our glory days on the internet
  • roll em ferndock | again this just boggles my mind because it’s a pretty specific, random phrase, one I thought my dad completely made up
  • something about bungee cords and childproofing | makes me glad to know I’m not the only “creative” parent out there – and by creative, I mean desperate
  • something about beating up famous people/celebrities | aren’t some celebrities just so annoying? In case you missed it, here’s my list of celebrities I’d like to beat up… and to counter that, celebrities I’ve wanted to marry

Also laughable… we leave for Australia a month from today and before that happens we have Christmas, my office is moving and a large handful of holiday gatherings are on the calendar. Ha, ha…

ha, ha.

13 responses to “More laughable search terms

  1. So funny! I just love that you can see those search terms!

    • Makes me want to use random search terms and see what I find on other people’s blogs, like “Hate icebergs, squirrels and big cats” maybe I could make another friend 😉

  2. I have got to figure out how to find my search terms….

    I’m excited for YOU for your trip….but I’m gonna cry the whole time you’re gone. Big pitiful tears. Well, not really…but maybe one. 🙂

  3. “The lentil stew made for Jesus” literally made me laugh out loud – So funny! I know I’ve told you this before, but I just love your blog 🙂

  4. Agree…lentil stew for Jesus is my favorite, although whatever we do whether in word or deed we are to do for his glory, right:) The cake says Liam thing makes perfect sense to me though- a cake with the name Liam on it. Not so abnormal….or does that mean that I am the abnormal one;)

    • The cake thing makes me laugh just because it’s not a special way to decorate a cake, just write a name on it… Googling something more general like “how to write a name on a cake” would make sense but looking for someone’s specific name (unless it was a clue to finding a mystery man) just made me laugh – I think we’re both a little adnormal – we’re “bloggers” 😉

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