Top Ten Lessons Learned While Packing an Office

So, our office is moving locations in a week… I’m the only full-time person in our office, plus I’m a partner so it means along with doing my regular job, my mom job and my life “stuff,” I’m also the main move coordinator.
1. When you’re downsizing from 1,900 to 1,300 square feet, purging is a must.

2. Related to the above, if you find things you haven’t used since you moved to your current space 10 years before this, you can safely THROW IT AWAY.

3. Even if it doesn’t look like it, you are a pack rat.

4. Office supplies and books take up a whole lot of boxes.

5. You reach a point in packing where you just think, we can leave that here, or consider inviting the public in to help themselves.

6. Shredding paper is quite relaxing and mind-numbing.

7. Coordinating the logistics of a simple move can be a headache and a half. So when your dryer decides to throw a fit, you buy a new washer/dryer set online without even comparison shopping because the price is right and you don’t have to leave your home. If someone has an easy solution to any problem I have right now, I will totally take them up on their solution – you’ve been warned.

8. Moving during the holiday season is good from a business standpoint because your clients don’t typical start projects during the holiday season.

9. Just because clients don’t typically start projects during the holidays, doesn’t mean they won’t and you will question your sanity in making the decision to move at all when you are starting three new projects in the week before your move (but then you will remind yourself that the ultimate cost-savings make it all worthwhile; also, you start talking to yourself a lot as a coping mechanism).

10. Other things must be sacrificed because all you think about is the move and the logistics of the move… therefore your creativity (and free time) when it comes to blogging is taken over by the move. Sorry…

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