Top Ten Things I Love About the Christmas Season

1. The requisite get togethers with all the different groups of people in my life. I love parties, hanging out and laughing, things I’ve had plenty of this month.
2. Reading The Advent Book with my kids. This was a recommendation from my friend Kim and totally worth the cost, I’ve loved the time we’ve spent reading it each night, reminding them of the real reason for the season.
3. Waking up to a snow-covered world. Alas, this hasn’t happened yet this year, but since I’m in Michigan this is usually a given (not that I’m complaining or asking for a blizzard).
4. Most clients don’t start new projects at the end of the year, this is a lovely respite that allows for a natural year-end wrap up and wind down (plus vacation time).
5. Making and giving away  yummy treats. Plus, you get to sample all the goodies without the guilt (Christmas miracle – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
6. White Christmas lights (though I rather like all Christmas lights, except those that are still up and lit in February. Neighbors, I’m talking to you.)
7. Giving gifts. And I’ll be honest and say I like getting gifts too, but I enjoy giving so much more. Especially when you know you’ve given the perfect gift.
8. Getting to experience everything with my kids. Christmas is magical and it’s such a treat to get to see it all anew with Liam and Jack.
9. Remembering what Christmas is all about and celebrating the little baby who was born in Bethlehem. What a gift we were given.
10. Family time in Lansing with my side of the family, I love, love, love our traditions. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, breakfast the day after Christmas and a movie. All great times!

Forgive any typos, after a day of moving I’m too tired to go get my laptop so I typed this in my phone.

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


One response to “Top Ten Things I Love About the Christmas Season

  1. I can’t believe decorating cookies with 4 hyper kids and a crying baby and a barking dog and cleaning up tiny sprinkles off your kitchen floor for days didn’t make the list… 😉

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