Wednesday Randoms*

*Written on Tuesday night
  • Liam came down with pink eye today. That stinks. More for him than me, true, but really, pink eye? He kept telling people, “I don’t feel so good, I have a pink eye.” He’s also got a nagging cough that won’t go away (according to him, because his face is cold) and his ear hurts. Antibiotics, work your magic! [Unrelated or not, Liam spent the day at daycare Monday and loved it but then got pink eye so maybe it wasn’t so great.]
  • Jack has a scratch on his face from a daycare altercation over a puzzle piece. When you ask him what happened, he whispers, “Chloe got mad with me.” Not the first time an angry girl is going to leave her mark I’m afraid.
  • When I got in the car today after meeting Simon for a work/kid swap, Jack told me, “Daddy yelled at me and I had a timeout.” When I asked him to provide more details, he proudly exclaimed, “I hit Liam!” Liam confirmed this, but also added that he first kicked his brother, “but only a little and it was very quiet and I didn’t even get in trouble.” Way to show your hand on that one, kid.
  • Jack is decidely all boy, at dinner tonight, he stopped eating, turned very red and then smiled very big and said, “I pooped!” Awesome.
  • I had laryngitis this weekend (healthy bunch, us) and realized that it really cramps my parenting style to not be able to raise my voice with my kids – the good news is, they don’t behave any better when I’m not yelling (or sternly verbally correcting them, if we are being PC) than when I am so now that my voice is mostly back, I can carry on as usual.
  • The office moved yesterday (surprisingly drama-free) and today was the day I felt the most overwhelmed by it all, as if up until now was just a walk in the park getting everything all taken care of and packed up. I may have forgotten that now it has to all be unpacked and put away – with Christmas in a few days and a major trip around the world shortly after that. I’ve decided that as long as I can do work, I’m not unpacking anything else in my office until I return from Oz. If my office had a door, I would just shut it and return again on Jan. 21, sadly for my coworkers, there are no doors.
  • I read this blog post today and if you are a mother who has or has not breastfed, please just read it and remember YOU are the one who has the right answer when it comes to what is right for you and your baby, the rest of the judge-y world be darned:
  • The last two nights I have been in bed by 8:30 and it was rather glorious to not wake up feeling completely tuckered out (which had been the case the previous 14 or so nights). Less lovely was waking up at 1:45 and not feeling tired. But I powered through and was able to fall back asleep on the couch (a move usually reserved for my hubby) and slept another 4 hours until morning. Whoot.
  • Liam has taken to delivering bad news to Jack by tacking on a sickenly sweet “buddy” to whatever he says, e.g. “You can’t play that game right now, sorry, buddy.” or “It’s time for bed, okay, buddy.” It’s cute and kind of hilarious because I can totally picture him wanting to also pat his brother on the head when he says it.
  • We’ve finally gotten Jack to say, “Two and three-quarters” when someone asks how old he is, he had been insisting he was “two-n-a-haf” for a while now but “two-n-free-qatters” is pretty cute so I’m glad he switched.
  • And while I do love the Christmas season and all it brings (see: yesterday’s post) I miss the normal everyday routine and am looking forward to normal sometime again in the new year.
  • I’ve been thinking about resolutions for 2012… I made a pretty good dent in the ones for 2011 and will recap those sometime before the end of the year. Since I’m a list maker, I like making a list of attainable resolutions and I love sharing them with others because I know it helps motivate me to follow through on them.

Now I shall wrap up this list with a funny outtake from our family photos (more to come on those and our wonderful photographer), photobombed by the five-year-old:


6 responses to “Wednesday Randoms*

  1. aww- that photo makes me smile. Love you guys!

  2. Whew! That’s a week, friend.

  3. THAT’s an OUTTAKE? That’s better than any family picture we have ever taken. Beautiful! All of you!

  4. That picture made me laugh. It’s a fantastic one of you three….Liam just cracks me up.

  5. That’s my absolute FAVORITE. Nice family pictures are a dime a dozen; photos that capture personality are priceless!

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