Radio Silence

It’s too bad I put the blog address on my Christmas cards because since then I haven’t really had the time to write anything – but dear family and friends, if you are just visiting for the first time, please take a little tour of past posts. And dear friends and family who have been reading all along, sorry for ducking out on you – life and all. I had big aspirations for pre-writing and scheduling a bunch of posts for this busy time but the best of intentions don’t write the posts and alas…

I hope to recap the Christmas festivities and would love to post while we are in Australia but I’ll make no promises. It’s probably better that way. It’s too bad because so many things come to my mind and I think, that would make a great post or I should write about that… and well, instead you get this note of apology. I hope that doesn’t seem too arrogant, I know you aren’t waiting around to read my stream of conscience, it’s more that I miss the writing and spilling of guts. Gut-spilling does a girl some good.

I’ve done all I can at work to get ready to leave – projects are as wrapped up or on hold as they will get. The bills have been payed, the payrolls have been scheduled and the phone/internet is finally up and running (we were “borrowing” WiFi from another company in our building since we moved, thanks, neighbors).

Tonight we will pack, pack, pack… hoping we don’t forget anything. The only non-replacable item we’ve already purchased a just-in-case backup for (Jack’s pacifiers, because not just any will do and I don’t want to chance a return flight without them) but everything else can be taken care of once we get to Australia (NOT that I’m asking for our luggage to get lost, I’m just noting that I’m not stressing overly about stuff).

Numerous friends have offered to help and I am so very blessed by those people who love us. Sweet friends are taking us to the airport and another sweet friend is letting us borrow an iPad, really, the bases are covered.

And after the craziness, comes the hard part… not the travel but the being there and saying hello and goodbye in three short weeks. There is no way to figure out how that works.

So just pray for us. For safe travels. Calm children. Endless patience. Peace. And beautiful memories to be made.


One response to “Radio Silence

  1. You got it. Praying for all of the above… I know it won’t be an easy trip- for many reasons- but I also know it will be a trip you remember for the rest of your life and are forever grateful you were able to do. Looking forward to hearing all about it at our next Starbucks date! 🙂

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