Things I Love Thursday: My Family Photos

I’m very blessed to know many awesome photographers who I call my friends. They all do amazing work and I’ve “used” most of them at one time or another but this is also a problem when it comes to getting photos taken because it’s hard to choose who I want to take the photos without it seeming like I’m playing favorites. This year a solution fell into my lap by way of my friend Cindy who is revving up her photography business, Indigo Stick Studios, and needed someone to create a logo and business cards for her. Perfect – in exchange for my services, I asked her to take photos for us – it could not have worked out better!

Here’s her logo:

I had a Groupon that was expiring soon for a canvas print (thanks, Mike and Joan!) so I emailed Cindy and asked if we could meet that weekend and knock out some photos – thankfully she agreed! Cindy met us at Calvin (where I went to college and Simon works) and in less than 30 minutes, we were done. And despite the crazy wind and my children both falling down and getting their jeans muddy within minutes of arriving, we got some awesome photos! I’m sure Cindy has some less than stellar ones with our eyes shut or us making funny faces but I love all the ones she sent to us… could not have been happier!

(I added the title to cover up our awkwardly angled hands – this was for a photobook I made of the photos). I love Liam’s casual pose in this one.)


Love those boys!


We had a great time playing and just being ourselves.

Especially in the “whale” art installation.


Thanks again, Cindy, for so perfectly capturing my family! We love our photos!

And once again, in the interest of full disclosure, the top photo is totally a combined-in-photoshop image of two different photos – I wanted just one photo where we were all looking at the camera 😉 I love the “outtakes”  just as much but if you have access to photoshop, why not use it!?

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7 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: My Family Photos

  1. Love the Bennetts!! And PSD saves many a photo from the scrap pile. 🙂 Glad you are happy with them!!

  2. amazing!!!!

  3. What a precious family you have!

  4. Beautiful. Love it!

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