My trip, according to Facebook posts

December 30, 8 p.m. | Burning off energy before the long haul.

December 30, 11 p.m. | Found a perk of traveling with kids… Upgrade to premium economy seating.

December 31 (technically Jan. 1, in Oz) | Someone has had his fill of traveling! Which is perfect since we are here! Happy New Year! (I’m a little exclamation mark happy!!!)

January 7 | Liam asked me if it was August here because the weather is so nice. Having a lovely time down under!

January 10 | In Australia, Jack naps and Liam plays outside on his own… this might mean I’m never coming home.

January 11 | Liam just looked up from drawing on the iPad and said, “I just sent that to Facebook and now I’m taking a mind picture.” Um ‘k.

January 12 | Jump around

The bridge between Forster (where Simon’s mum lives) and Tuncurry

Big thank you to the guy who took our picture, though I asked for a shot showing the background and he mostly got a shot of the ground in front of us 😉

January 13, a.m. | I was thinking about relandscaping, but this seems a bit extreme… thank goodness for great friends who come to the rescue (and insurance to replace the fence and vehicle) and that no one was home to get hurt.

 While we were gone, our tree fell down on our Explorer and fence, putting both out of commission. Thankfully we have awesome friends who helped take care of the problem for us. Sadly, the car was totalled so now we are car shopping – any recommendations for a mid-size sedan?

January 13, p.m. | Love is a husband who will ask what you want for dinner and then go out and get the yummy Indian food you requested when he just had it two nights ago. Thanks, honey!

January 15 | Goodbye Forster (Simon’s mom’s place is way at the bottom of the hill and to the right)… We will miss everyone! But we will always have our memories and more to come!

A visit at Wollongong with the best man from our wedding and his kiddos

January 16 | Sydney!

Simon (in the red shirt) gets up close and personal with a street performer.

This street performer took about 20 minutes to set up his finale, which was him climbing up a rope onto a pole and juggling knives; I’d be impressed but not only was it not very impressive, I really think I saw this guy 8 years ago when we were in Australia the first time.

Photos brought to you by free WiFi at McDonald’s

(The only place in Sydney to get free WiFi)

January 17 | One more day in Oz, then the long trip home starts tomorrow…  Start praying, going home is sometimes harder.

January 18 | Unimpressed with going home… But am looking forward to being home.

January 19 | It’s good to be home (despite the cold).

Our furnace wasn’t running when we got home (Simon fixed this – thankfully – with some banging and cleaning dust off sensors) but I was wearing capri pants and ballet flats so I put the first thing on my feet that I could find, my double layer wool mittens – perfect!

2 responses to “My trip, according to Facebook posts

  1. awesome post! i somehow missed the tree/car/fence saga. i’m so sad about that for you! (except sometimes a new car is a little exciting.)

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