Say What?

Australians, I’ve found, love to shorten words in everyday usage. For example: brekkie or brekky instead of breakfast. And Simon’s mom has said that if you have a short name they give you a longer nickname and if you have a long name, you get a shortened nickname. When it comes to the words, this can sometimes be confusing, but I think I am starting to learn and be able to keep up.

Let’s see if you can guess what the follow mean:
copper (pronouced “cop-pa”)

Any guesses?

Answers below

. . . .

arvo = afternoon
cozzie = suimsuit (as in your swim costume, and also, swimmers)
copper (pronouced “cop-pa”) = friend, buddy, mate (this one has a long history that I heard on the TV the other day but can’t quite remember, but they use it in the Wiggles so I’ve heard it before and just thought they were talking about police)
garbos = garbagemen, or refuse removal technicians
Maccas = McDonalds
bikies = bikers, of the motorcycle-riding variety
cuppa = cup of, as in, “Would you like a cuppa [tea/coffee]?”
mozzies = mosquitoes

Also, fries are called chips, or hot chips.
And potato chips are called cold chips or (more commonly) crisps.
Cookies are biscuits, or bikkies.
Sprite is called Lemonade.
Diapers are nappies.
The counter is the bench.
The trashcan is the bin.

Even when we all speak English, things are a little different.


4 responses to “Say What?

  1. Haha… I love your two posts. I live in Australia, not born here but migrated and it is funny how these words are used every day by everyday people without thinking twice about it. In one of my upcoming blogs (still in progress) I have posted a colloquialism wondering if the rest of the world will understand what it means. The saying is “more than you can poke a stick at”… thanks for making me smile at the things we say 🙂

  2. I remember that being one of the most surprising things to me when I visited Australia- how many different words they have and how STRONG the accent can be! It can be a bit embarrassing when someone is speaking to you in plain English and you still can’t understand what they are saying!

  3. Ha! I found this to be VERY entertaining and insightful – as well as moderately confusing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. If I ever make it to Oz, I will print this out and bring it with me as a “translator.” 🙂 It will be most helpful.

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