Year In Review

Had I been more on my game I would have done a recap of my year at the actual end of 2011, but well… anyway. My blog is just over a year old, so now is as good a time as any to do the recap. Also, for anyone who is new here, please check out my favorite posts.

January 2011
– As a family we were recovering from Jack’s hand surgery – he got his cast off right after Christmas and was wearing a splint in January
– Started my bloggity blog with my 2011 Resolutions
– First Music Monday post with my fave, David Gray

– Jack turned 2, Simon turned 36 (mathematically, he’s now rounding up to 40)
– We “celebrated” one year of Simon working second shift (verdict: it still stinks, but it’s also handy for saving money with childcare)

– We road tripped to Texas with the boys and survived

– I finally found my blogging groove
– Easter and all its fun and family time
– Started feeling more back to normal (and starting to think I have SAD)
– Read Heaven is For Real for book club (read it)
– Celebrated 6 years of marriage (Confession: I’m horrible at remembering how many years we’ve been married)
– We switched churches
– I started Weight Watchers

– Liam graduated preschool and my great-nephew, Max, turned 2!
– I admitted to liking Justin Bieber
– My fourth year of MOPS wrapped up for the summer
– I got pooped on by a bird for the 5th time in my life

– We said goodbye to Jonna and Darin
– The boys started at a new daycare
– Checked out Festival in downtown GR
– I owned up to my fears and regrets
– Something serendipitous happened
– After a year (and a lifetime) of waiting, we finally saw U2 in concert

– I turned 33 and made a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 35
– We saw DMB and David Gray at the Chicago leg of the DMB Caravan
– Posted my 100th blog post

– Liam turned 5 and that freaked me out a little, but we made the Carnitas-Style Beef with Onions and Peppers from PW’s blog and it made it all worth it
– I reached a goal of losing 10% of my body weight
– Used my mother’s day gift to see Sara Barielles with two of my favorite people
– Baby Wesley arrived a tad early (two months) but proved to be a NICU rockstar and was home in short order!

– Liam started kindergarten (which he loved and asked to go every day) and soccer
– Simon coached rugby at Calvin (see also: spring semester and the rest of fall)
– I made something with quinoa and loved it
– Liam went to his first Spartan football game
– MOPS restarted for the year and this year I’m a table leader (and I have an awesome table – probably because of their leader – ha!)

– My dad had his knee replaced
– We checked out ArtPrize in downtown GR
– We bought tickets to go to Australia
– I rounded out my year of concerts by road tripping with Stef to Ann Arbor to see Boyce Avenue
– I made Angry Birds costumes for the boys for Halloween

– My friend, Tracey, and I got to get away for the weekend – it was glorious
Lots of thankfulness
– Thanksgiving

– Christmas parties
– My office moved
– Christmas with family
– Boarded a plane for Australia, celebrated the new year’s arrival in the air


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