Five Question Friday

Wow… that’s all I have to say about this week. Glad it’s the weekend (almost) and glad for a girl’s night out tonight with some of my most favorite people! Super glad to have had MOPS yesterday. And glad for a chance to get to love on some people today. Glad my dad had a birthday (leap year “baby”) this week. Glad that God is gracious and good, no matter the hardships we face and the snitty behavior we display. Glad for good friends who feel like family, and family that feels like friends. Glad to be back on the exercise bandwagon – 62 minutes last night. Glad my husband gets to hang out with some new friends tomorrow night. Glad for productive days at work. Glad for new shoes from Target. What are you glad for?

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Place I would go over and over again because I love the people I see when I’m there: Texas or Australia
Place I would go because it’s beautiful but I don’t know anyone: Colorado
Place I would go for a weekend trip with my husband, without kids: Northern Michigan or Chicago
Place I would go for a weekend trip with my girlfriends: Chicago
Place I would go with friends, without kids: Las Vegas

2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Food: Baked goods and jelly beans
Beverage: Iced Americanos with Hazelnut syrup
TV show: Vampire Diaries
Time waster: Twitter and Pinterest

3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?
Current: Yellow with gray; bold pops of color; ballet flats [though I feel like any of those could no longer be current, but I’m going with them]
Past: All-Star tennis shoes, band t-shirts and flannel shirts (I was a wannabe alterna-teen back in the day, but I probably liked to wash my hair too much).

4. What are your spring break plans?
Growing up we went to Texas every spring break; before kids, we did nothing. Now that Liam’s in school it just occurred to me that he has spring break yesterday afternoon, hadn’t even given it a thought. Considering our vacation funds and time off were all used up by Jan. 19 of this year, I’d say that for this year we have no plans. And probably won’t do anything too exciting until Jack is in school as well. But I will plan some play dates and Liam will get to have a daddy morning with Simon for a movie and lunch while Jack is at daycare.

5. What baby names do you hate?
I’m not stupid enough to be too specific, because what if one of my friends LOVES that particular name? And there really isn’t one that I hate, per se, though if pushed, I’d say the stupid people who named their kid Espn (after the network). One that I would never pick for us is Benjamin (because our last name is Bennett); Simon suggested this name when we were pregnant with Liam and I at first didn’t put it together that our child would be Ben Bennett (evil) but was not sold on the name because I had known too many Bens. He still laughs about that.

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2 responses to “Five Question Friday

  1. Thank you for the front door loving!!! Mmmmmm, Reeses. 🙂

    And I knew a guy in high school whose parents named him Fitz. His last name was Fitzgerald. Yea.

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