Music Monday: College Songs 2

Part two of a series of who knows how many (part one here) looking at songs that bring me right back to college. Music is one of those things that brings me right back to a moment, drumming up all those feelings (the good and the bad).

Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) | Green Day
This song was featured in an episode of ER (a dorm favorite) where a young character had died and one of the other main characters sings it at his funeral. Needless to say, we were all sobbing while watching the episode.

If I Had Only Known | Reba McEntire
This song was in the movie “8 Seconds” with Luke Perry, the true story of a bull rider… we did not have high hopes for this movie but we all LOVED it and were all sobbing uncontrollably for quite a while after the movie ended (apparently friends who cry together over pop culture stay friends forever, love you girls).

In the Light | DC Talk
We used to listen to DC Talk while playing “evil” Uno – our version of Uno where anyone could play on the last-played card. This is the epitome of Christian Contemporary music for me, I just loved it (also loved “Jesus Freak”).

Strawberry Wine | Deana Carter
My roomies and I listened to this song fairly often the first semester of our sophomore year, way back when I was stealing Swedish Fish from Kara’s hiding spot amongst her sweaters in the closet (guess she forgave me for the stealing since we were in each others’ weddings).

This Kiss | Faith Hill
Another throwback to my brief stint as a country music lover. I ended up seeing Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert and we all went into the concert thinking Faith Hill was going to be awesome but it was her husband who ended up blowing us out of the water.

Crash Into Me | Dave Matthews Band
I can’t talk about college and not mention DMB, but then I’ve already gone on and on about my love of DMB and their music. But I did see Dave in concert for the first time in college (with Sparky Mark – so named because I didn’t feel that “spark” for him but still went with him to the concert – someday I should write a post about the nicknames we had for people in college, really, just the boys).

I’ve featured two other college favorites in other posts: A Long December (by Counting Crows) and Freshman (by The Verve Pipe – who I get to see performing their family album in two weeks!!)



3 responses to “Music Monday: College Songs 2

  1. Love it! Takes me back… 🙂

  2. Me too! And I totally remember that ER episode!!! Actually, every time I hear that song, I think of it.

    Yay for wonderful memories!

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