Tuesday Randoms

  • My friend, Heidi, is having a baby today – so firstly, congrats to her! I’m super excited to meet her little guy! Though you gotta feel a little bad for him, the only boy with three sisters, but his future wife is going to be incredibly lucky because between his wonderful mama and sisters, he’ll be a fabulous husband – not to mention, I think her own husband will teach him a thing or twenty.
  • I made The Pioneer Woman’s French Onion Soup on Sunday, I think I still smell onion coming out my pores, but oh is it so worth it (my apologies to everyone who has seen me in the last 48 hours); especially when served with homemade rosemary and sea salt croutons and grated Gruyère cheese. Oh, so good and so worth it.
  • Simon had a man date with two friends to go to a Griffin’s hockey game… he adorably went to the bar nearly 45 minutes early to ensure they had a table to eat at (or perhaps to escape our house, I give it 50/50 odds between the two of those)
  • I was not without girl time and got a chance to hang out with some of my college besties on Friday night: laughter, Mexican food, margaritas and carmelitas… all the best things.
  • I had a rather hilarious moment after MOPS on Thursday (some people would say embarrassing, but I’m sticking with hilarious because I have my pride). Simon met me at church to pick up the boys (as he usually does so I can go back to work after MOPS) and when I got to my vehicle, I realized I still had the diaper bag on my shoulder. Simon had just backed out of the spot about 5 spaces down from me so I thought I could catch him and give him the bag (I thought wrong). So I start toward our minivan and he’s barely inching forward and I think he’s noticed me but then he keeps moving forward so I start running after him, yelling his name. This continued for a few parking space and then he sped off through the parking lot, leaving me in the proverbial dust. I would have never mentioned this but my friend, Keri, witnessed the whole thing and she was dying laughing as she walked toward where I was standing dejected in the parking lot. We both laughed so much we had tears running down our faces, causing another woman to ask if we were all right. Good times.
  • I like taking Liam shopping with me; on Friday afternoon we went to Kohl’s and he raved so much about a jacket I tried on, I ended up buying it – everyone should have a cheering section while shopping for clothing, though it’s probably not very budget-friendly.
  • I also got to hang out with my friend, Stef’s, three marvelous daughters last week and they were so sweet to me; it was a nice treat to see what life would have been like with girls. Plus, her littlest cuddling up on my lap caused Jack to display some jealous tendencies and he scooted in on the lap action as well.
  • Speaking of Jack, one night last week he decided he didn’t want to sleep in his big boy bed for the rest of the night and he didn’t want to sleep with us, but instead he plopped his pillow pet down on the floor in our room and slept the rest of the night in front of the bathroom door. At least he was sleeping. We did throw him a blanket, we’re not heartless, after all.
  • Jack has also decided he is over putting his pee in the potty. After a week of using the toilet non-stop and having dry diapers, the thrill of it all has worn off and even though he still tells people very seriously, “I’m potty training” he has zero desire to actually sit on the potty, no matter what the incentive. Fiddlesticks. At least he’s cute.
  • If you want to be entertained by a little cross section of pop culture and blogging wonderfulness, please see this post by The Bloggess: You’re Ruining Nathan Fillion for Me, Nathan Fillion. Alternate title: But I forgive you (read the whole thing, don’t worry, I’ll wait)
  • This is my current favorite song: Forever and Almost Always (Kate Voegele; yes, she was on One Tree Hill) I just love a good piano accompaniment.
  • Liam nearly broke Simon’s heart on Sunday night when he exclaimed during the MSU/OSU basketball game, “I don’t care who wins… it just matters that they played a good game.” Simon said, “Well, we want MSU to win.” [Sadly, they did not; win or play a good game.]
  • It’s Shamrock shake season. It’s also Girl Scout cookie season but I had the foresight not to order any… I’m saving myself for carmelitas.
  • Liam’s super star of the week at school this week; this means we had actual homework over the weekend and I had to print photos for him to take to school to show how he’s grown from birth. He also got to bring the Franklin doll home for the weekend and draw a picture of Franklin’s time with us. Liam drew he and Franklin having a sleepover in his room, things he chose to highlight in his drawing: a box of legos, his bed, his keyboard, toys on his dresser, his pop top collection and his closet door. Love that kid.
  • Messes Jack has created in the last week: lining all our pouch applesauces in the basement up on the basement stairs; leaving a pile of half-eaten pretzel carcases in the cup holder of my elliptical (they were pretzel + cheese sandwiches, but he only likes to lick out the cheese); overflowed the bathroom sink with soap, water and lotion; drew all over his face and plush angry bird with washable [I’m no dummy] marker; shredded two pages from his notebook and stuffing the pieces into an old phone case, calling it is money and wallet (I thought his was clever); every meal he’s eaten. [This list could also be called, things Jack has done while his mother was otherwise occupied.]
  • I’m a little [read: ridiculously] excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out later this month!
  • On my last post of randomness, I received the following spam comment: “Previously you’ve to have efficacious online income techniques to get you started across experiencing details good for an individual’s web-based business organisation. e-wallet” [how is it an effective use of anyone’s time to create a program that sends that comment to people’s blogs?]

5 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. Funny! Thank you for the chuckles 😉 It would probably be me running from the house to meet friends for a sports outing, though…. never seems to happen for me 😉

  2. I still can’t think about it without giggling. Ahhh- good times. 🙂 And yes, I did just make a double batch of carmelitas- one batch to give away and one batch all. for. me. (well, I do intend to share a few bites with the rest of my fam. If they’re nice to me.)

  3. Sorry- one more thing. Just read The Bloggess blog post- hilarious! That’s all. Probably could have just texted you with that info. Oh well.

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