The title of this post is ironic because I am so not a keeper of my house. It’s just not on my list of priorities. I’d much rather read, watch TV, spend time with people I love, blog or even do laundry. It is the way it is, but I digress…

Really I just wanted to let you know I updated some images and the “About ememby” section of the blog – I was rather remiss in making those changes since it said Liam was looking forward to turning five (um, last August) and also noted (with great chagrin) that I had typos in my about page. Whoops. I may work with a bunch of editors but I was a communications/art major so clearly you cannot learn new tricks.

Liam and I went to the dentist Tuesday, aptly named Smiley Family Dentistry (the dentist’s actual last name is Smiley – also ironic, and perfect). Anywho… we went to the dentist. Liam loves the dentist. Like feels-sorry-for-his-brother-who-didn’t-get-to-go-but-was-playing-with-friends LOVES to the dentist. I don’t hate the dentist, if anything I’m apathetic to the dentist in general and quite like our current dentist. The staff is amazing and actually remembers details about our family, I’m not sure if it’s because they review notes before we come back or if my husband’s accent burns things in people’s memories when he says them, either way, I like that personal touch.

We both got our teeth cleaned at the same time in adjacent rooms, I also like this about our dentist because how efficient is that? Though I am not sure how Liam’s hygienist was able to get his teeth checked and cleaned because the kid NEVER stopped talking. And he was cracking us all up with his little quips, observations and general enthusiasm for life. And I was again reminded that his kindergarten teacher is a saint.He gave her a very detailed recounting of how often he brushes his teeth and uses his fluoride, he asked about every instrument and piece of equipment in the room, he requested sun glasses to block the light, he talked all about his brother and how he is sometimes a pest but “that’s okay because he’s only three and learning to share,” he detailed his escapades on the Wii and talked about what he was learning at school. He also managed to get a free toothbrush for his brother, along with two reward toys for a good check up and a tattoo for Jack. Both of our hygienists commented on how sweet he was and he really is, despite the nonstop chatter. We also booked our next appointment for six months from now (which, yipes, Liam will have started back at school and will be in FIRST grade – hold me!) and added Jack to the list since it’s about time he start going to the dentist. Sometimes tells me our next visit isn’t going to be as lovely, though I’m perfectly willing to be proven wrong on that one.

Later in the day we went with some friends to Meijer Gardens and when we were getting in our car, Liam asked if he could give them the prizes he got for a good check up and I told him that it was a nice gesture but that he had earned them for a good checkup so it was okay if he wanted to keep them. He responded with, “We have more than enough toys at home, I want to give these to my friends because I love them.” My heart swelled two sizes bigger (unthwarted by Jack trying to kick me in the face as I buckled him in his car seat).

Liam may often test my patience and I might not keep a super clean house, but I have to be doing something right for him to be growing up into such a great kid. And I think maybe I have some friends who need reminding of this (not about my kids, but about their own; and not anyone specific, just in general) we are all doing great because our kids are happy so don’t worry about the rest. Don’t worry about all the things you’re not getting done, just celebrate all the things you are getting right, especially if it has to do with your kids because happy kid trumps clean house any day of the week!


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  1. Those boys are adorable together! Are butterflies blooming at FMG?

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