Still more laughable search terms

As I mentioned back in August and again in November, I’m highly entertained by the search terms that lead to this here bloggity blog. So I figure it’s about time for another installment of recapping the funny search terms that have brought people here to visit.I’m once again happy that top search term is actually my name, or my bloggy name: ememby. This is followed up by skidz pants, hypercolor shirts and lightning mcqueen cake which tells you that the audience I draw is in their 30s and (likely) mother to a young boy OR making some unfortunate fashion choices and is actually a highly skilled five-year-old Google user. Also popular, some variation on long third toe, long toes, freakish toes and my favorite “her second toe is longer”  because I can just imagine some poor guy who has discovered this fact about the woman he’s dating and he’s hoping to find out if this is indicative of something about her or if he can be justified in breaking up with her (Dear guy: It just means she’s awesome and if you break up with her, you are a toe elitist.)

More terms and my commentary on them:

  • “things I like about me” | just like that, all in quotes; this makes me sad for the person who googled this because if you have to ask the internet what you like about yourself, you’re really looking in the wrong place. For the record, I think you are a great person with a sparkling personality.
  • family dont bother with my birthday | this is something I would never say (plus I always use apostrophes correctly); I love celebrating my birthday so: Dear family, PLEASE bother with my birthday.
  • how to bungee cord a baby | I DO NOT condone bungee cording your baby; I do, however, condone bungee cording a baby gate to block off your child’s bunk bed stairs or using a bungee cord to lock your chairs to your kitchen table.
  • things that make you go hmmm on thanksgiving | I’m guessing the list could include, why do they include all the giblets in turkeys… why don’t I use more gravy every day… how can I steal the leftover stuffing and take it home… why don’t more countries celebrate thanksgiving… is there more pecan pie… would anyone notice if I fell asleep
  • pap test piece of mind billboard | it is still just disturbing to me, glad I’m not the only one
  • appropriate everyday jewelry | because you would totally hate to be wearing inappropriate everyday jewelry
  • card making paper junkie | is this an upcoming episode of “My Strange Addiction”?
  • car seat premium economy | yes, please
  • did anyone else think that opaul mc cartney performance at grammy 2012 was weak | my goodness that was a wordy search term
  • taylor swift is an idiot | people are so judgmental; also, the person who googled that is an idiot

4 responses to “Still more laughable search terms

  1. Ha! You’re hilarious. And you know I always love hearing these- so funny!

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