I like…

  • Salt on my cantaloupe, watermelon and some apples
  • My coffee ice-cold when I purchase it at a coffee shop, even in winter
  • My husband’s #1-all-over haircut
  • Avocados and it makes me sad I spent the first 30 years of my life [mostly] not liking them
  • Any and all good Mexican food
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Road trips
  • Being anonymous in a big city
  • Feeling at home in a small(er) city
  • OPI nail polishes
  • Aveda hair products
  • Reading until the wee hours of the morning
  • Finishing a project
  • Making lists
  • Feeling my muscles ache after a good workout
  • Our minivan… it’s true, I do
  • Liam’s overly dramatic approach to life
  • Jack’s slight lisp (I really love everything about how he talks)
  • You

3 responses to “I like…

  1. If not for the nail polish, hair stuff and reading till early morning I’d agree w/whole list. And oh yeah my muscles ache w/out the workout—-;-0

  2. I like OPI! and your boys! and you. 🙂

  3. i want a job at opi naming polish colors. wouldn’t that be heaven? i’d so this, of course, while eating my cantaloupe with salt on it. we are so much alike it is a little scary. 🙂

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