Awkward Years

Let’s face it, we all have them, those awkward years that start somewhere between ages 9 and 12 where one day we are just all sorts of not right. Bad haircut, poor clothing choices, with braces and/or glasses… whatever it is, there are just certain ages when no matter how cute we were at age 5, we end up just not so cute.

For your entertainment… let’s take a look and see how I went from the cute little buck-toothed cherub you see below…

To an awkward, badly-coiffed preteen with monster glasses (you can’t really tell but I’m wearing a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt that I got at a garage sale):

Yet another pair of awesome, gigantic glasses. I’m sad to say that I picked these out myself – but at least I was patriotic:

Did a blind person cut my hair? I believe I have a glorified mullet happening here and there was definitely no business or party happening anywhere near me. I do recall that I LOVED that pastel heart bracelet and that purple jacket.

Oh that hair. It was awesome. And pairing that shirt and those pants, genius.

Julie and I at Camp Roger, to think we were cool (or at least thought we were). Grown-out perm and large glasses: check, check. Also, striped sear-sucker Bermuda shorts.

Those glasses just kill me and with my plastic jewelry, sweatshirt cardigan and floral-print dress – I resemble a sister-wife. And I believe this visit to Texas was the time my mom asked my brother if he was dying his hair. [Happy 20th anniversary, yesterday, Lynn and Marty!]

Speaking of dying one’s hair (mom)… I believe I might have pinpointed the very beginning of the awkward years. Note how cute and adorable my nieces still look, Quinn is especially fetching with her curls and sly sideways look. Also note my lovely sweater, pastel button-down shirt and white tights – how I miss the 80s.

Let’s hope my kids take after their father, oh wait… (he’s the one giving the thumb’s up, but really, any of those kids were well into their awkward years). Nice shorts, honey.


8 responses to “Awkward Years


    sorry…don’t mean to laugh….eh hem….composes self…..



  2. Love these pictures!! πŸ™‚ Now Keri can see that she wasn’t the ONLY one wearing huge glasses in the 80’s! She swears I must have purposely picked out the most ugly, unstylish ones and and made her wear them! Now she can see that she had good company. Too bad she didn’t know you back then!

    • I had a good handful of very bad glasses – including two different pairs that I broke and had to wear with tape for quite a few months. Nice.

  3. Oh my goodness – I am so cracking up right now!!!
    BTW – How does Julie still happen to look the same???

  4. thanks for the giggles!

  5. Those made me laugh. I’m playing catch up here, can you tell? Need to start checking blogs on my phone. πŸ™‚

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