It’s Tuesday again… how does this happen?


If only my phone’s camera could actually capture how beautiful the sunset is, then my life would be [nearly] complete. But it sure was pretty – let’s all just pretend you think so, too.

  • I have a sinus infection – again – apparently now that I no longer have tonsils or a gallbladder, my body has decided that its new favorite way to get sick is to contract a sinus infection. One can only hope this will lead to sinus surgery as that has been my track record, one part of my body rebels until I get rid of it. Not that one can get rid of sinuses, but I do believe there is a roto-rooter type surgery that can be recommended for chronic sinus infections sufferers. If this keeps happening, I might have to look into it because they make my teeth hurt and produce way too much snot. It amazes me how much snot a body can generate – they really should figure out how to harness that ability and apply it to other areas; if the body can limitless produce snot, why can’t we figure out a way to put a positive spin on that? [You are very welcome for that entire paragraph about sinus infections and snot – one of my finer moments.]
  • Our kids are starting to anticipate our response to their needs and how to phrase their requests to circumvent our giving them an undesired response. For example, when bored, Liam will not just say, “I’m bored, what can I do?” but instead will say, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve already played with Jack and my Legos and don’t want to build anything or color or play with any of the toys in my room. What can I do? Like maybe play the Wii… I haven’t done that.” Or Jack will not just request something to eat, but instead say, “I’m hungry for a treat something, how about a jelly bean?”
  • I expect in a couple more years, Spring Break will be a whole lot more interesting but right now it’s just a week off school for Liam and he could really go every day and be happy, I’m sure it’s a whole lot more fun for him to be there. Though he has had a day-long playdate followed by an evening playing with friends from our small group so at this point at least he doesn’t care that we haven’t left town.
  • A friend of Liam’s asked Jack about his little hand last week and Jack said to him, “I just have one big hand and one little hand because I’m just little right now.” Which leads me to believe that he might think the little hand will grow to be like his other hand when he gets older. And while it will grow in size, it’s never going to grow fingers (though that would be pretty awesome). But I love how responded to the question, just so matter-of-fact, as we always are when he brings it up or we talk about it. It’s just the way it is, like any other thing about him or anyone else.
  • Also, I’m confused as to why Sarah Palin was a guest-anchor on the Today Show this morning. Awkward all around, no matter what your political inclinations are, it was just not good. This seems like it would have been a fairly obvious outcome to anticipate and therefore avoid by NOT having her be on the show for an extended period of time. But what do I know.
  • Though I know I should love it, I’m always a little disappointed when a rainy morning turns into a sunny afternoon. Apparently I like continuity with my weather. If it’s going to be a rainy, gloomy, stay-at-home day, then I wish it would stay that way all day. And vice versa, if it starts out sunny and bright, I want it to be that way all day. In general, I’m pretty go with the flow and can adapt when things unexpectedly change, but just not when it comes to the weather. Don’t know what this says about me, but there it is.

3 responses to “It’s Tuesday again… how does this happen?

  1. I agree with the Sarah Palin remark! Brutally awkward!

    Sorry you have another sinus infection! I heard that surgery was awful! I hope it all resolves on its own. Do you do the neti pot?

    • I used a similar neti pot thing with the saline-esque solution and it doesn’t completely help, in fact the first time I used it was when I got the worst sinus infection I’ve ever had but I think that was just bad coincidence. But I think it helps make them shorter.

  2. Um, I feel EXACTLY the same about weather when it changes! When it wakes up rainy I want to be in a rainy mood all day.

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