Instagram… week two

My week, according to Instragram-ed pictures…

Easter Sunday pitching the ball to Liam while Jack hammed it up in the background – I have a whole series of these pictures with Jack dancing, ducking and making faces in the background – this was my favorite.

Downloaded Diptic so I can make fun photo collages – the first from my date with Liam at Kava House. When faced with a whole case of delicious goodies, he opted for a plain, untoasted bagel with butter. Guess someone had enough treats on Sunday.

A collage of Easter, minus the bloody mouth/tooth. 🙂

My favorite thing to make with leftover Easter ham – Ham Stroganoff – I blogged the recipe on

Jack and I got to have a Culver’s date with Simon while Liam was at his Wednesday night program. Jack monopolized Simon’s chocolate shake.

So sweet.

Thursday afternoon at the park… Jack would swing forever.

Liam was super proud of himself for mastering the monkey bars.

Gorgeous weather in Michigan.

Jack’s Certificate of Bravery from his first dental cleaning. He looked so grown up when I went in to get him, sitting on the bench, holding his bag with this toothpaste and new toothbrush.

life rearranged
Linking up here for the first time. My Instagram name is ememby see you there.


5 responses to “Instagram… week two

  1. The first photo is award winning!

  2. I have no smart phone, thus no Instagram. 😦

    BUT that pic of you and Liam is FANTASTIC!

  3. these are amazing. and yes, the top one-magazine material.

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